Desperately seeking Mozart

You who have seen Amadeus will recall the pitiful and depressing ending where Mozart is buried in a mass grave. Well, they thought they found his skull and were doing DNA testing to see if it really was his head, but unfortunately that just further complicated the already tangled skein…

I don’t get why people would go into such a trouble to know whether the skull belonged to Mozart or not. So what if it does?

That was a good movie. Especially the part where the teacher stopped the video to hand out Nipples of Venus. Anyway, I wouldn’t want my damn skull dug up.

I wouldn’t care if they dug mine, since I would never need it anyway. But you got me curious, why would you oppose to it?

Whomsoever digs up Crotanks’ remains receives a terrible curse and will be SMASHed by the vengeful spirit of Crotanks!

I see nothing wrong with it if there is a point to identifying it. If they just want to do be like “hey! It’s him!”… then it’s just kind of pointless. Let the dead rest in peace… If someone was fucking with my skull, I wouldn’t concider it peace.

Fweh, what difference would it make?