Desktop thread.

Haven’t seen one of these in a while.

ITT your desktop.

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I’m using my TV as a second monitor. Yay for video cards that support dual screens!

huge as fuck double widescreen :\

nonstep is pretty damn ricer but whatever it looks cool and i like the command line right in the task area : )

edit: 4k post. i should make a question thread :3

You’re stupid Ren. There’s no reason my browser should be stretched on 1600x1200.

This was a really lame way to show off your guitar you can’t play, Setz.


<a href=“”><img src=“” width=“50%” height=“50%”></a>

Get out.

Sorry Ren :’(

Guys, please don’t start a fight in the thread. I still want to see other people’s wallpapers. Go fuss at each other via PM’s instead.

By the way, what on earth is that thing on your wallpaper Ren? I can see it’s something related to digging, but it looks more like a (mobile?) complex than a simple digger.

Its the largest strip/surface mining borer in the world, Bagger288. It was co-financed by Krupp and someone else who i can’t remember…they use it at Hambrach for forestry removal and currently at Rheinbraum for surface mining. Its pretty old, finished in 1978. There is a newer one, Bagger289, which is the one seen on 4chan all the damn time crossing a highway.

Dev, I never expected to find someone else in this world who would have the same admiration for these machines as I do. Will you marry me?

Seraph, besides what Dev said, this machine is from a kind called “bucket-wheel excavators”. They’re the biggest vehicles around, reaching up to 100m (300 ft) in height and double that in length.

Very informative, thanks.

Bye Setz :smiley:

I don’t see how every possible thread I make, someone fucks it up entirely. Hey maybe when I make a thread about, <i>i don’t know, maybe an RPG</i> it’ll get turned to something about how certain <i>dishwashers are better than the rest</i> and it’ll get closed and i get blamed for something so idiotic it is mind boggling.

Maybe if you hadn’t said anything at all along the lines of “This was a really lame way to show off your guitar you can’t play, Setz” you wouldn’t come off as such a flagrant dick.

Besides, I don’t even have that guitar to begin with!

edit; did I make snide comments about your wallpaper? I didn’t think so!

Bosch. No question.

I wish I had a Bosch… It would make life so much easier.