Desktop madness, Its back!

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Geocities doesn’t allow direct linking, and there’s an edit button

link is in my sig… don’t remember if I updated it though

The picture wasn’t showing right, so the link is



I couldn’t find anything bigger than 800x600.

Okay people, when someone says Desktop, they don’t mean just the wallpaper. They mean what icons you’re using, what WinXP skin you’re using (if any), and various other stuff.

Here’s my desktop

Here are mine, the one on the left is my PC and the one on the right is my notebook. DS’s catgirls

Yeah so both my wallpapers are catgirls, at least they’re tasteful (you wouldn’t believe the perverted crap I have to go through to find even one decent catgirl wallpaper).

Yea, that must’ve been terrible to have to look at that stuff. =P But those are some niiiiiiiice wallpapers.