Recently, I’ve had a pretty shitty week. This comes off as odd to me, because nothing has gone wrong at all (Minor things, but they’re things I should shrug off, like choking before asking a chick out, or getting ready to go to a rehearsal when there was no rehearsal. Big deal). But, I feel really…bad. It feels like I’m sick…but I’m not sick. It feels like maybe it’s emotions, but I don’t think I’m sad over something, and I have nothing to feel guilty about. And, it feels like maybe it’s exhaustion, but other than being sore from a softball game, I’m not exhausted and am taking good care of myself.

After my bro picked me up today, I asked him about it, and he told asked me if it was a kinda cramped up-ish feeling in my chest, and it was. He insists that it’s probly depression.

How do you deal with depression? Recently, I’ve been feeling depressed, and I don’t know how to deal with it, cos I almost never get depressed.

There’s no real easy cure. Just take it easy, listen to your favourite CDs and do something that isn’t extremely hard but will productively occupy your time, like weight lifting or something.

What helps me with depression is just time to my self.

It’s all in your mind dood, and thinking too much about it will only make it worst, just relax and get a nice 12 hours sleep. You’re probably just tired.

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It’s all in your mind dood, and thinking too much about it will only make it worst, just relax and get a nice 12 hours sleep. You’re probably just tired.

That’s bullshit. I hate when people tell me that.

Just do something calming, and try to avoid stressful things. Get with some friends and ask if they want to go do something or just spend some time by yourself doing things you like.

Depression’s not really something you can just shrug off from (this I know from personal experiance -_-; ). I suggest talking to someone you trust like your brother. Or maybe even prayer. I know that you’re not a religious person, but I don’t consider prayer as the “folding your hands by your bedside” as prayer. You just basically close your eyes and focus your energy on the Highest Light you can think of and sincerily talk(don’t have to be all “Dear God, I praise you, blah blah blah amen”).
It couldn’t help to visit a therepist or doctor, though. Depression for no reason can be a sign of a disorder.

Never be by yourself for an extended period of time. I’ve learned that.

As for curing it, well, just find something to occupy your mind. Read a book, play your favorite game, just don’t stay inactive.

Yeah, you could do that too.

Aren’t you graduating from high school soon? I know that depressed me and several of my friends. I think it was just the idea of saying goodbye to so many people that I’d known for so long. It could also be the stress of finals, I’m just shooting in the dark though as I don’t know how strongly you react to these situations.

I like to chase birds around with my tank. Their squaks of torture remind that I have a purpose in life.

At least, they would if you hadn’t stolen that idea from Aphex Twin.

Monn Beam Girl has a point in that sometimes depression is a sign of something else. Just a few months ago, I started feeling incredibly depressed, for no practical reason- not since college had I felt that bad, and back then I was under a lot pressure, and now I was not.

Guess what it was? A condiment. No, seriously. At the time, I was trying a new condiment on my food. Apparently, I had an allergic reaction to it, and the simptoms were very similar to the ones I had back when I suffered from depression. It ocurred to me that the cause might be a change in my diet, after I read an article about how chemical imbalances in the body can sometimes cause depression. Since the new condiment was the only change in my diet, I stopped using it, and the effects went away.

I’m not saying that it has to be something similar in your case- only pointing out that if you feel there’s no psychological cause for your depression, you should look for another cause. And like MB said, having yourself checked by a doctor is never a redundant thing. The worst that can happen is that they’ll find nothing wrong.


As said, keep your mind occupied. Do something that requires a lot of physical strength and focus, like bike riding up a hill, or weight lifting a lot of weight at once. As long as you keep your mind on something else, you should be okay in time.

When I’m sad, I don’t even try to do any work. I go and play one of those mindlessly fun games that I used to love as a kid. It reminds me of better times. 8)

Feel better, SG. Things will look much better soon.

my entire life is pretty much depression itself…

but when i feel especially down, i just spend an hour or so on one of my favorite games, and keep reminding myself that someone is always having a worse time than me.

play Doom, and make the minions of hell suffer mightily for your downward-emotional state. That’s what I usually do, I even name the save game file after whatever the cause happens to be :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve felt those sort of feelings before SG. As CH mentioned, I know graduation has kinda had me down really, but some other events lessened that to a degree. Whenever I’m depressed, it always feels better to talk to someone about it. Holding it inside is definitely not good and only makes things worse. Just get it out. If you want to talk to me about it, I’m always willing to listen and see if I can help.



Seriously, I know what you’re going through, only on a more extended timeframe. Pretty much everyone here has given good advice. Keep your mind occupied with something happy, if not just a good thought, then something fun. Taking out your wrath on things (in video games, of course) is a good one. I personally prefer fighting games, but shooting things is good too. :slight_smile:

Any Grand Theft Auto game works absolute wonders! 8)