DEP Change

How’s everyone doing? Good to see the place is still up and running. =p

After a bunch of hard thought, I ended up changing my DEP. Rather than going Army, I’m going Marines. Really pissed the Army guys off, but I figure if I’m going into a combat zone, I’d rather be an extreme badass, as opposed to a moderate badass. The army recruiter was really hurt about it, but I realized that the Marines would better suit me anyway.

Only catch is I have to wait a little longer to go in, because the USMC has a stricter tattoo policy and I’m very well-inked. My Marine recruiter hooked me up with a state organization that gives low-cost laser surgery to those wanting to enlist, so after my neck gets burned I’m good to go. It’s only gonna cost $50 to get 'em burned off, as opposed to the probably $1k+ that such surgery usually costs.

So…yeah. Looks like I’ll be a little more active here for a while, maybe get my shrine finished up.