Demon Stone

Since no one has mentioned it yet, what do you think?

IGN: Demon Stone

I think it will be a load of crap. Next question.

It looks like the same engine that they used for the Lord of the Rings movie games, I dunno, those were good rental games, lol.

The game uses all the cliches that I hate so much. Rebel drow especially. If it’s a DnD game, it could at least use a DnD style engine.

It’s going to suck. Or at least, not gonna be that good.

Looks like it’d be worth a rent if it is going to be multiplayer

Looks like a Dime a Dozen.

Problem is, they want to appeal to a wider audience then they THINK they have with traditional D&D esqe games. Because of that, they know the majority of gamers want uber pretty action games. Because of the ferret complex that most gamers have, developers will try and cater to that “live in the moment” aspect and give you somthing that, while at the time, is “AWESOMEZ FLASHYZ BOOM!!!” and looses appeal after about a week… However, because it has that kick when you start it up, people will buy it like hot cakes.

Game Developers of Next Gen Consoles = :mwahaha: