Deja vu and dreams

So who has had them?

Plenty of both. Dreams of many different kinds, even wrote a thingy to categorize them.

Lots, and lots, and lots, too many really. Dreams have me wake up with a headache.

See, the thing is that I’ve had dreams, and had deja vu, and realized the deja vu was caused by the dream. I want to see if this has happened to others, so I don’t think I’m going off my rocker.

Deja vu a few times a year, dreams every night. I love my dreams. What used to be nightmares now entertain me, and the only ones that frighten me involve me being back in high school.

This happens to me almost constantly. I do not understand it completely myself. I’ve had times when I knew what was going to happen and it happened because I dreamt it before. Obviously these were not big things, just minor things like conversations or walking somewhere. It has always baffled me. Sometimes it scares me. It’s weird how dreams can tell the future of such minor events. One idea is that it could be the things you dream about have happened before, and when you’re having the “deja vu” experience, you’re just associating the past event with the current event, making it seem like it’s already happened. Another theory, one that I think about occasionaly, is that when you dream you are in a different place; that is, when you are dreaming, you are experiencing the past, present and future. It’s a far stretch but it makes sense to me.

Or maybe you remember the dreams that closely resemble the situation you are currently in.

Last week, I had a weird dream that involved ants. Something about them marching in this big line across the lawn, and some of them were really big, I don’t remember exactly. That day I had no memory of the dream until I saw some ants walking around in a line.

I have trouble with nightmares, but occasionally I have dreams that are just weird. I also have deja vu a lot. ;_;

I tend to have very strange dreams as a matter of course.

I’ve had them often as hell lately.

I get deja vu all the bloody time. The disturbing thing is that the dialogue during said deja vu is exactly what I remember.

Clearly I am The One.

Have you ever had a dream you were so sure was real? :smiley:

Oh, all the time. I’ve also had a dream where I had deja vu and thought “I’ve dreamt this before!” and then I woke up andwas dazed and confused.

On another note, anyone else hate it when you’re like half awake and then you dream that you trip or something, and your leg jumps and you wake up?

Edit: Wow, i just re-read this post and thought “this makes no goddamn sense.”

That happens to me too. Sometimes it feels like I fell down, yet I was lying down the whole time. Sleeping is trippy.

Wow this is weird!I literally had a dream where I was like a god, and all of my nemisis came to me on thier knees, and I smote all but one of them. Now he and I are great friends. I also had a dream about 9/11 a day before it had happened.

EDIT: I did not realize how sarcastic that sounds. I am being serious.

I’ll get deja vu from just plain random things, then I’ll vaguely recall having a dream about it, but nothing else really.

Has anyone else ever been in a room were you could hear the TV, then after you hear some random line, you walk into the room and they hadn’t said it yet?

Yes Kiro, In fact th only thing that differs dejavu other from a normal event is a priorly un-noticed noise, or just something plain old new.

I’ve had a few deja vu sensations, but not often. As for vivid dreams, they’re pretty rare, and unforunately, I can’t remember 90% of the dreams I have. The remaining usually involve flying, strange places I’ve never been to, and a few senseless scenes.

I have vivid dreams pretty often, and they’re usually either mundane or surreally hilarious. In the off chance I have a bad dream, it’s not typically a simple nightmare, it’s often either a <A HREF=“”>night terror</A>, or a bout of <A HREF=“”>sleep paralysis</A> accompanied by <A HREF=“”>hypnagogic hallucination</A>, neither of which are fun (the latter of which apparantly run in my mother’s family).

As for the whole deja vu thing, I think we all get that. I often dream things that end up happening a week or month later. Of course, it’s probably just tricks of the brain.

Kanashibari is something that often, now, I experience… I remember posting in a thread about it ages ago when someone asked about it after seeing an ad for it, or something… I’m not exactly sure.
But after having read that, I got to thinking about it… and since, have experienced it quite often… oddly enough not to the scary extent, but the absolute bliss and surreality… I often see my room falling down around me to reveal a sort of world like “Xen” from HL1… or see dancing creatures, people etc…
Does anyone else commonly experience that?