Defenders of Fanfiction Signup thread

Yes, I’m doing a sequel to KoF. So sue me…WAIT! I TAKE THAT BACK! is already sued out of house and home

Basic plot outline: Somebody steals the Treasures of Fanfiction (which the cast of KoF fought and nearly got killed to bring back). A few hours afterwards, disasters start occuring all over RPGC, all linked to the treasures. Thus, the heroes have to find whoever caused this disaster, recover the treasures, and watch the lesbian love scene between Weiila and Val. (Lesbian love scene may not be included.) Along the way will be many battles, many characters, many crossovers that make no freaking sense, and of course, very little Wilfredo Martinez (sorry, Wil, but it always seems to happen).

Here’s the signup template:

Position in Fanfiction/RPGC Hierochy (yes, it’s spelled wrong)
Who Would Win in a fight: Captain Kirk of Captain Picard

Name: GG Crono
Postition: Forum regular. Has yet to write any fanfiction, but is an avid reader of it.
Bio: While not directly involved in the “King of Fanfiction” fiasco, the wandering adventurer known as GG DID hear the story from a few who were involved and laughed quite hard. As is usual when he’s not out adventuring, he is currently just hanging around RPGC, waiting for the next big thing to happen. With Starcleaver in his hand and a wiseass remark on his lips, GG is always ready to give his life to portect RPGC and its people. (I belive my other signups have given you sufficiant information on my abbilities. If you need to know more, PM me.)
Who would win: Kirk. After ten minutes of listening to Kirk ramble, Picard would go insane and commit seppuku.

You’re just afraid I’ll steal the spotlight away from you, aren’t you, d? ~_^

No matter, as a Member of the RPGC Writing Crew, I must participate as well. Here’s my entry:

Name: Wilfredo Martinez (hates to be called that, prefers WM or Wil)

Position in Fanfiction/RPGC Hierochy (yes, it’s spelled wrong): No official one, but either sought for his Wisdom… or made fun of for his age. :hahaha; Not interested in titles or ruling.

Bio: A puertorrican who, bored with his normal life, has spent most of his life traveling and adventuring across the Worlds of RPGs, becoming a Master of Strategy and Magic in the process.

Who Would Win in a fight: Captain Kirk of Captain Picard: KIRK!! Kirk was COOL, Picard was LAME!!!

Name: Do I really have to go throught his?
Hierarchy position: Figurehead King of Fanfiction, and generally loved by all.
Bio: Ditto.
Who’d win: Kirk, definitely.


Position in fanfiction/RPGC hierarchy:soon to write first fanfiction,starting to become fanfiction forum regular

Bio:Master of the swallow and the katana,always on the go,
looking for some fun and more oponents,never heard of the KoF

Who would win a fight:Picard >> << Runs away with flame shield

I guess I’ll do one myself, since I have nothing better to do.

Name: Galloway
Position: Writer of a shitload of fanfics
Bio: The saiyan/samurai, who wants to find the treasures simply because he wants what he thinks is rightfully his.
Kirk vs. Picard: Picard, definately. Read the Naar saga, people. Bald men have unnatural powers, giving them the definate advantage.

Mastermune: KoF is short for “King of Fanfiction”. It was a little story a while back. Basic summary:

Galloway’s constantly chasing Weiila for updates has caused her to become ill. They then hold the contest for the “King of Fanfiction”, the winner of which will become king. Some shit happens (with Galloway and Val being married along the way, and Weiila joining the contest herself), until the shade of ShaheenJim is destroyed by Rast and the Treasures of Fanfiction are recovered. King Merlin then decides to hold a vote to see who becomes King of Fanfiction, and Val wins. However, the king is nothing but a figurehead, so Weiila lets them off the hook of their other prize (which is terrifying, believe me) if they poision Magus for her. They do, Val becomes King, and that’s the end. (I left about 95% of the fic unknown so you’ll go and read it.)

Ya know, I started reading the KoF, but stopped somewhere midway for some reason. Maybe I’ll go finish reading it this weekend.

Name: demigod, or just demi (always lowercase)
Position: Writer of the whopping huge FF1 story (which is currently in an unintentional hiatus) that nobody reads. Hence, one step above newbie.
Bio: Long ago, in another universe, demi was a normal person, until an accident involving an ancient statue, a book of magic, and some annoying kid he was supposed to be watching gave him the powers of a minor deity, and a really bizzarre physical appearance. He is completely covered in blue fur, has feathered wings, claws, and a tail.
Who would win: I wanted to say Kirk originally, but I’m not sure. I’ll say Picard because I’ve never seen any of the original series.

Nombre: Kaiser

Position in the Heirarchy: Sealed-Away Ancient Weapon/Warrior.


Hasn’t released anything new in a long time, ever since being sent into exile. Missing presumed dead, and largely forgotten. A relic of a dim and forgotten past.

He was, in fact, sealed away in the old and no longer in use Water Tower of RPGC (in the old abandoned part of RPGC, on “the other side of the tracks” in the center of the ruined wasteland where the ToB once stood) because his fanfiction was very bizarre, made little sense, and did more harm than good. Imprisoned there, his fanfiction powers have thus been neutralized and held in check.

But some few remember, and believe he remains active within his prison, anxiously awaiting his release.

…All the Treasures of Fanfiction being stolen just might be enough of a crisis to justify unsealing him…

(…either that or Kaiser could be the evil force the thief is trying to resurrect/unseal by using the stolen treasures…either way is cool, I guess…)

Kirk vs Picard:
Kirk is younger and stronger and thus should win normally, but Picard is wiser and more rational and could “prepare the battlefield” better. Picard would avoid combat until he get could get Kirk on his terms, in an arena where Picard would have the advantage.

Oh boy, oh boy :slight_smile:

Name: Weiila
Position in Fanfiction/RPGC Hierochy: Queen of fanfiction (ie. Supreme dictator and Whipper of TD)
Bio: Weiila has since KoF completely recovered from Magus’ attempt to poison her, and she keeps a close eye on the counsellor ever since - that is, closer than usually. Firing him might seem like a good idea but then she won’t be able to keep track on him, which would be less good. Haven’t engaged in any sexual activities with Val since Val is - unofficially - her daughter and she’s straight and taken anyway. Not that she’s aware that Star just would grin at the mere idea of hot lesbian sex. nosefwaphs the kitty
Who Would Win in a fight: Captain Kirk. Powah to the originals!

Name: Mabatsekker

Position in Fanfiction/RPGC Hierochy (yes, it’s spelled wrong): A Freelancer, jack-of-all-trades who actively takes part in several of RPGC’s activities ranging from writing to art to shrining and spreading catgirlism around. Interested in taking a career in RPGC.

Bio: Mabatsekker has been searching for variety for his boring life. New Blue Magic has become scarce, and his art is lacking inspiration. After hearing of the KoF tournament, he gets excited, and accidentally mistakes it for the other KoF (King of Fighters O_o) and enters the tournament with Kat-Chi, his Red Wizard catgirlfriend.

Remembering the rules of KoF, he still has to search for a third member. Oddly enough, Kat gets accosted by catgirl maniacs everywhere, including Starstorm, whom Maba first considers a fine addition to the team. What will happen to the couple as they search for a fighter to join their team in the (imaginary) KoF tournament?

Captain Kirk would win because he wields the power of Camp. Plus, he has Spock as a striker with his vulcan neck pinch.

Name: PC Glenton

Position: Mostly Reader, guy who signs up for everything, and currently writing his bio… if he wasn’t too damn busy with that thing called reality… and Final Fantasy XI.

Bio: To put it bluntly, only remebers the last few years, and spent those robbing and plundering everything… weak to magic, and still has an intense and overridding hatred of Valkyrie Esker…

Kirk, definately… I mean, that guy got in a fist fight almost every episode, while Picard played the diplomat. If it was a VERBAL fight though, it would be Picard’s domain.

Name: Heaven’s Soldier

Position in fanfiction/RPGC hierarchy: Amatuer poet/writer.

Bio: With “Tempest” katana in hand, aimlessly wanderers the realm of RPGC, in hopes of finding his true place and reason for being here. When in battles, his angel wings form and takes it to the air. Where his true fighting abilities can be unleashed.

Who would win: I’m going to say Picard, but that is only because I have never seen the original Star Trek. (But knowing Picard, Kirk would probably beat him anyway)

Not sure if it’s too late for this, but hey.

Name: Angel.

Position: Writer of far too many fanfics for her own good, hoping to become a forum regular, and all round grammar freak.

Bio: After a particularly nasty encounter with some differential calculus, her sanity snapped, and she retreated into the world of fanfiction, where she now resides in the hope of ridding the world of bad fic writers everywhere.

Kirk or Picard?: Kirk in a fistfight, Picard in a battle of wits.

NAme: Chris-chris

POsition: beginning writer and forum regular.

Bio: Wandered around aimlessly, fought many battles. After coming to RPGC, meet orakio and fell in love. :stuck_out_tongue: Fights fights and fights. Battle thirsty. Meh, what do you expect from a dragon.

Kirk or picard? Picard. ONly because I liked him better than Kirk, and because Piccard is more experienced.

Name: Pierson

Position in Fanfiction/RPGC Hierochy: Defender Against Badfic.

Bio: Hates everything bad about writing. Is storing up nuclear warheads using his pocket-money for an eventual attack on FFnet. Would give his life for the Agora and it’s inhabitants, the last bastion of skill and talent as they are. Also likes Pizza on a Friday.

K or P: Kirk in a real fight, but Picard in wits. Like CC said. Shatner pwns j00


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What the hell?

Hey, Mabat, I think you need to look up the definition of discreet…

I bet younger brothers have to sign up too.

Nom: Gemini Merkel
Position: In charge of the press, Has the only form of News in RPG Town (I have a monopoly!!!) In the land of Fanfiction, I am like the Newscaster with my twin Glenn, and my <strike>Heald College</strike> Blue Gender flunkie Joey Heald.

Bio: Gemini was born in a crazy family, and he has a twin that his brother doesn’t even know about. GM has learned to master the arts of black magic, and is now learning to become a summoner. His brother d Galloway had dropped Gemini on the head a few times when he was a kid.

K or P?: Who’s P? So, I’ll vote for K.

Originally posted by demigod
Hey, Mabat, I think you need to look up the definition of discreet…

It’s the irony that makes the world go around.