Deep Dungeon

Can i get some help with attacking the Deep Dungeon in FFT?

Well…what specifically do you need?if I’m not mistaken this site has a FF tactics shrine.

My characters were absurdly advanced when I first entered the DD, with more than 5-6 classes mastered each. One thing to be sure of, if always have a few raisers, esp. Calcs, and atleast one very low brave (10-20) unit with move-find item.

The shrine should help you out

i found the shrine to be a whole lotta jibber jabber. it emphasizes use of agrias and orlandu, and leaves out the location of all the good items. (of course, REAL fft players find them on their own, but still.)

Word of advice…be sure you have plenty of time when completing each stage because it might take you AGES to find the exit, especially if you have no light.

How do you get through the Deep Dungeon? Easy, three words- Orlandu and Beowulf. Oh wait, you don’t like the easy way out.