Deciding the crown...part 2

Same thing as the last thread, only with six more people. The winner of this one will go head-to-head with the winner of the last poll.

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Nice pic. /dryly


I voted for Archone, because he has the coolest name ever. King Archone. Just imagine the possibilities.

No one likes meh ;_;

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
No one likes meh ;_;


No. I am remaining impartial to this therefore no one gets my vote… NO ONE!

I vote TD, since because I’m married to him already, I’ll STILL take the throne.

I voted wil because from the small amount of fics I’ve read I like his the best out of the people on this poll.

Meh, aren’t you the Queen of the Losers already due to your marriage, Val? :stuck_out_tongue: And Besides, King Valkyrie Esker… Hmmm …

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
I vote TD, since because I’m married to him already, I’ll STILL take the throne.

It doesn’t exactly work that way. You see, win or lose, Weiila is still the Queen of Fanfiction. The winner will just become the king, unless Weiila wins, and she becomes both king AND queen. And that, my friends, is seriously fucked-up.

And I’m ending the polls soon, just so I can write the last chapter in the KoF. So cast your vote if you haven’t already!

You do realize that I kinda will be married to the winner unless it’s me (… bad thoughts, BAD THOUGHTS STOP NOW!). Sheez, this reminds me of the days in TAFMUR (The Allied Forces of Magical and Undead Resistance, no-rule RP) when the feared red X dragged me off for hours of listening to Eminem… one song only over and over again… oh the horror… (being the only girl there was rather sucky - especially since the evil one was dead set on getting married. Note also that one of the players adored Macc’s HQ. I ended up being saved by Dark Macc a couple of times. Eep?)

Weiila, that sounds like a real nightmare. Sometimes, I’m glad I don’t know certain things that happened before my time.
I don’t know what’s weirder, Val bound to TD or some of the situations you describe.

<img src=“”> I don’t think I WANT to know.

Oh yeah, (sorry for bringing things off topic, Gallo ^^;;), we also had a Vegeta with a cookie fetish, a ninja (Shintoman) who’d kill anything standing in his way if he only got the faintest chance to kill a pigeon, Thanatos the Necromancer (semi-leader), and Magus as one of my summons (cannon fodder, muhahaha…). And we fought The Red X (aka Virus B, a lamer on that board), and his army of Power Ranger zombies.