Decent Saturn emulation finally up and running.

I’ve tested this out on NiGHTS, Christmas NiGHTS, Sonic R, Virtual On, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Radiant Silvergun and it works great. Be warned though, it needs a beast of a system to run properly. It also needs a Pentium 4 or equivalent Athlon chip since it needs SSE2 support only found in those chips.

Now, let’s all gush about awesome games that no-one ever played because the Saturn failed miserably!

Currently beyond my wildest dreams, but if I get a job and save enough for a cutting-edge machine, I’ll be all over this shit.

Get a job and save up for a modded Saturn instead <_<

Oh man, I’ve wanted one of these for the longest damn time. My Saturn is in Georgia, and I need some BUUUUUUURNING RANGERS. I just need to be able to run it, and I’m overdue for a new computer anyway.

NiGHTS on the computer is still a crime against humanity.

A modded Saturn can’t play pirated anime, PC games, other emulators (PSX mostly, I’ve given up on finding an actual copy of Lunar SSSC) and porn.

Why? :smiley:

You don’t need a mod. Just buy a Saturn, and any same region legit (pressed) game. Then boot the Saturn with the game, wait for the disc to speed up, then quick pop it out, and swap it with your burned game. The Saturn will beep, then spin again (at the same high RPM level). Then the Sega logo appears onscreen, and you’re playing your burned game :smiley: Gotta love Sega for never actually copy protecting their systems.

The hard part is finding a legit Saturn game these days. (thanks hiryuu (b**)b)

Also, i’ve always wondered why people bitch about Saturn emulation, its always worked fine for me. At the moment i run Cassini, which is a hacked version of GiriGiri, the project Sega bought out back in the day. But even as far back as two years ago i was running Satournin and SSF easily. I guess i just got lucky (or other people have bad hardware).

I’ll have to give that a try later. Also, I’ll have to get a Saturn -> USB Adapter, because using any less would suck.

You can pull the same shit with PSXs and top-loading PS2s, heh.

Hold yer horses, this is a new one for me: You mean that if I just burned a copy of Lunar SSSC and did that trick, I could play it just fine in an unmodded machine? Does this work on a PSOne? And by “top-loading PS2” do you mean the small models?

The only real problem is that I can’t seem to find any decent Saturn ROMs.

Try finding a french or brazilian rom site. They usually tend to carry free Saturn ISO’s among other things. I’ve been using SSF and Cassini for a couple years now, even though I still own a Saturn with over 30 games. I’m to afraid of wearing out my actual systems espcially my Sega CDX, so I just use emulators when I want to play something even if I own it these days. Just finishing completing Shining Force 3 Scenario 1 on Cassini played a little buggy but nothing I couldnt deal with (Really looking foward to the complete translation of Shining Force 3 Scenerio 2 :biggrin: )

Its best to have both Cassini and SSF due to compatibility issues that come up with certain games. It’s also good to read up on what games actually run well on them before you start playing them. Panzer Dragoon will only play to a certain point on Cassini and then crash everytime :too bad:

I dunno about PSX and PS2, this is the first i’ve heard about it for those machines. You normally need to have swap discs or the “independence/memory card exploit” installed to run burned games on PS2. But maybe i’ve just not heard of this before.

But on Saturn, yea, it works exactly as i described. There are even videos out there that show you how to do it.

It should be noted the disc swap trick doesnt work that well with the Model 2 Saturn’s (the ones with the rounded power an reset buttons) although it can still be done its ideal to have a Model 1 Saturn or a Pro Action Replay cart for disc swapping.

Actually, the swap-out trick will eventually damage PS2s, I think. I’ll ask my bro, since I have a normal PS2.

But PSX? Yeah, it works on all of them. I wish I could remember exactly how it worked, but if you’re really interested, I could try to remember…

Yes please, there’s a ton of games I’ve just been dying to play but haven’t been able to find.

You’re welcome! =D (Also, I still disagree about how hard it is to find legit Saturn games… even in my podunk town in the middle of nowhere, I know of three stores that have a bunch of used Saturn games in stock).

By the way, still waiting for the… ahem… payment to arrive, though…


This is great news. I’d still rather get a real Saturn (screw the games… the SYSTEM is what’s hard to find!), but I’m sure this will make Saturn shrines more… shrinable. I wonder if my computer’s buff enough to use the emulator… I know my connection sure isn’t buff enough to actually download ISOs… >_<

What are the estimated requirements, besides “as good as you got”?

For PlayStation / PSOne, press down the button that tells the PS that the lid is closed, and start a game with an original US game in it. The white “SCEA” screen will come up. When the screen begins to turn black, remove the US game and insert your import/backup. On the black PlayStation screen, you’ll see the disc slow down and hear the system load. At this time, replace it with the US game again. When the screen turns fully black, reinsert the import/backup.