Debt in Knowledge

A friend of min in Cali made this video… it’s pretty dang awesome imo.

Obviously, I don’t expect everyone here to be excited about yoyoing… but I just thought I’d share all the same.

OF course… the best quality version is a high-res quicktime version that can be found at

Lemme know what you think.

Yeah that gets points for skill.

Nice. That takes some skill man. I can barely keep one going up and down lol.

haha yeah… that’s something of a common reaction.

It’s okay though, I started about 5 years ago not knowing how to do anything, and within a year of maybe playing an hour a day I got to the point where I was doing less refined versions of everything I’m doing today…

It’s a pretty awesome hobby if I do say so m’self… but, I don’t need to spam the boards with info… there are other boards just for yoyoing hahah.

All the same, thanks for the feedback!