Okay, I’m going to keep this all pretty simple, for my sake. I’ve been looking into it a lot more recently, and am trying to get a basic grasp on some debating techniques in order to ‘trap’ my opposition. Just for use in a basic “playground” situation. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated…
Just debating/argument techniques, tip/hints on what to do and NOT do… anything’s good. XD


What you need to do is to stop asking the questions and instead get into a situation where you give the answers. You need the be aggressive and attack every weakness and fault in his argument until he caves in and starts crying, and leaves you victorious.

It’s also possible to not be aggressive and instead parry his agruments and point out faults and weaknesses in them, but that’s not quite as rewarding, if maybe more respectable. What is essential is that you’re more prepared than your opponent and know more about the subject than he does, or that you’re at least capable of giving the impression that you do.

You stupid fucking buttercup. What the fuck do you know? Are you RETARDED or just a really good actor? I’m a PHD in (subject), I know what I’m talking about. This is my OPINION.

Study these. Avoid them at all costs.

I recommend a well-aimed kick at the crotch.

Always remember <a href=“’s_Law”>Godwin’s Law</a>.

I’ve read over all sorta of fallacies before… and know to avoid them…
Thanks for the input… I’m still looking for specific techniques I’m able to follow though.


The best advice I can give is to not get into arguments about topics in which you are not well versed. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no point in even trying.

Of course, this is assuming you’re talking to someone who is moderatly intelligent. If you’re talking about a complete moron you can make shit up and call it fact and they probably won’t know the difference.

wow SK, you were always a hardass, but this…

This is the best advice you can give.

Also be willing to admit when you’re wrong, don’t just keep harping on forever.

Don’t use a thesaurus, and don’t ever use any of the following words even if it would be gramatically correct to do so: “Whence, whilst, whom”.

So… When-soever one may find oneself using such stated words as “whence” etc… I may sound as if I’m just trying to be smart, and therefore be not so credible?
I think I understand… good point. Thanks. XD


This was a rather odd question but i guess i can give you some advice, firstly experience and practice is always best, secondly be aggressive in an argument but keep your voice quite and avoid the use of profanity, it’s a sign of weakness. grey areas are common, no argument is absolutely right or wrong sometimes you need to accept that other people have their own individual opinions, so don’t be a fascist and accept that, lastly know when to finish an argument and begin another discussion, don’t let it drag on.

All of the above is if you have a certain level or respect for the person, works well in a professional environment such as a work place.

If you don’t have respect for the person and want to go all out, then be sarcastic but be cleaver with it and don’t over do it, be patronising and bluntly point out the faults & weaknesses within the argument. If they try to suddenly escape and change their perspective then accuse them of contradicting themselves. Lastly finish the argument and tell them something smug like grow up or stop being such a fascist Nazi etc.

Two words: Chewbacca Defense.

Just know your subject. Try to think of some counter-arguments and some counter-counter-arguments for them beforehand, so that you’re not thinking of how to properly formulate them on the spot. The real difficulty in a debate is usually not coming up with points to refute the other person; rather, it’s expressing them properly. If you don’t know your subject well enough, though, all the sarcasm in the world will not stop you from looking like a fool.

The only tip I can give you is not to argue with people, especially the ones here. It doesn’t matter how thoroughly you prove them wrong, they’ll just pretend you didn’t and keep going as if they have a case. You wont change anything by arguing, ever.

Unless you agree beforehand that you’re trying to come to some conclusion cooperatively and not just trying to prove each other wrong, arguments are useless.