another month another death match thread. This months two matches are Auron vs Solid Snake and Christene vs Herbie. :moogle:

Snake > All.

I don’t know who Auron is.

But Christine would whup Herbie so frigging bad. He’d wish he stayed in the crap section of the video store where he belongs.

Christine’s my girl.

It depends on the situation. If it was in a jungle or an enclosed space then snake would win. If it was an open battlefield, Auron would easily win, in close combat Snake wouldn’t have a chance.

So…wat environment we talkin bout then :stuck_out_tongue:

Bullshit. He fought and survived against the ninja. Twice. 'Nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

YEAH…think bout it, he beat a psychic (who cud have thrown a very large bear at his face) a realli kool ninja (who even helped him) and a massive war machine of ultimate death…no contest esse, Snake over anyone

Ehh spoilers ahoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Auron got killed once, didn’t die, fought and helped kill Sin who is something like 3000 tonnes of biological death, he could conjour up tornado’s of flame and was an expert sword fighter…up close Snake would die.

Stealth Camo. Bitch.

But Snake is human, he would shove 40 tons of humanity down his gullet…FEAR MY PERSONALITY!!! lolz

YEAH stealth camo…i dont need no super power wen i can sneak a kiss on your forehead darling :stuck_out_tongue:

Kim Jong Il.

Course snake can die by falling down a trap hole…eeeesh

But Snake could hide under a box!
And that way, would never be seen! - until the person is dead!


Assuming Snake’s bullets do as little damage to Auron as the guns in FFX did, then Auron would cut snake in two in one sword blow.

Herbie would slam Christine over its side, leaving it helpless like an overturned turtle. :hahaha;

Auron would dice Snake’s ass like a little piece of celery.

Dont count Snake out…remember Grey Fox could have chopped him in two but he got defeated, btw nice sig Mitsuko, that Slipknot?

why yes, yes it is :slight_smile: and
EDIT: on subject : SNAKE got lucky…mumble,mumble
Sorry I meant to say Snake

Grey Fox = badass

edit: Bullshit. You just suck :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you compare a semi-realistic-soldier-shooter to a fantasy sword-toting-warrior-monk?