Deathmatch of the month

there is only one match this month and its between The Goblin king and the Nightmare king. For those of you who don’t like movies made before 1990 The goblin king was the villain in Labrynth (played by David Bowie) and the Nightmare king was the villain in Little Nemo. :moogle:

edit Yes I know there isn’t a poll I acidently submited the thread before it was done.

Make up your mind, which one was the Nightmare King. They can’t both have been him, could they?

David Bowie was the Goblin King.

The bulge in his pants was the Nightmare King.

Woops typo! :moogle:

The Nightmare King has an easy attack pattern, it’s all about dodging those stupid bubbly things without letting them distract you from the other stuff.

And Bowie is Bowie. insert picture of the crotch which I don’t particularly feel like Googling with my mother in the room