Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes: A Visual Guide to Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go.

:cool: Visuals always make this stuff easier to understand

So it basically boils down to horribly obscene military spending, and cuts to everything just about everything else except the legislative branch, judicial branch, the state department and “other agencies”. Oh and a nice 30% cut in higher education, mirrored by a near identical cut to the Pell grant program. Joy, oh fucking joy.

Yeah, ‘obscene’ feels like the right word here.

The N.S.F. is so small T_T

I just vomitted out my brains through my eyes, which, I assure you, is most unpleasant. However, it is more pleasant than having to see this disturbing document ever again. I thourght the outdated budget in my lit book was sickening enough, I already knew it had gotten worse, but I didn’t need to know that it had. Although, other than the loss of my eyes and frontal lobe (for the second time in a short period, I might add), I suppose it’s good that I really do know, and extremely good this gets out as widely as possible.

it’s like a bureaucratic junction system.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s basically the defense budget of the entire Western world.

Obscene to where it’s sickening.


This is exactly why it needs to be cut. It is not our responsability to police the world, it is our responsability to police our own nation. If we spent our money more on domestic problems and less on invading other people’s countries and “protecting” them, then we’d be far better off.

And if you stopped “protecting” other countries in a way that only gives rise to new hatred against the US, there wouldn’t be that paranoid need of such a budget either.

In the meantime, most of Europe is looking like this -_- at that about the Western world defense budget.

Bah. Europe’s just jealous of our numerous gigantic financial balls.

That’s true. You certainly need those with a 9.350 Trillion $ debt.

You weren’t during the Cold War, sweetheart.

Cut seventy percent of this so we can develope cool new mecha battle weapons like what’s all the rage in the East.

A healthy portion of that “protecting” manifests itself as various NATO, UN, etc peace keeping operations. But hey, as a voter, I would be more than happy to completely withdraw any and all American soldiers from such international missions. Let Canada handle it; their ten dollar bill brags about a tradition of peace keeping.

Not to mention various NATO sinecures to feed unelected bureaucrats for their whole lives.

Man, Canada’s military couldn’t occupy Paris.

This isn’t the Cold War, darling.

We spend obscene amounts on our military. Big surprise.

Its ironic that the 2nd and 3rd largest economies don’t even have mliitaries, or serious ones. Anyone think there might be some connection…?

Oh no you don’t. You whippersnappers are gonna stick around and clean up the mess you made before you get any dessert! Young countries these days… barging in and protecting people and then walzing on into Iraq and leaving everyone else to vacuum clean…

Look at what’s going on in Afgahnistan right now.