Okay I need some assistance…I have no I idea what (if any) RPG’ are available 2 me…any ideas?

No RPGs and no kids games makes the Xbox a poor choice for children… Yet parents would come into gamestop DAILY and ask why there were no good kid’s games on thier child’s Xbox…

Needless to say, these people were also microsoft employees who got the system simply because it was created by thier company and thus they think it is the best choice.

The only decent RPGs I played on the X-box were Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2.

EDIT: / / / Yeah, They do rock. You’re right.

Those RPGs are way better than decent.

Fable is also really cool. Sure it may not have all the things that were talked about during development, but what is there si still very good. Morrowind is also good. X-Men Legends is great, but it isn’t exclusive to the XBox (I know some of the others are on PC, but that is different). Jade Empire is also pretty good. I haven’t played some of the others, but still, it has some very good RPGs. The XBox almost has a quality vs. quantity thing going on when it comes to RPGs.

Besides, it is hard to get a lot of RPGs without having Square (you can see this with the GC too).

EDIT: Also a game that isn’t really an RPG, but could maybe be considered one is Shenmue 2.

Ya…I have fable and it seems okay…I dunno…I still don’t really see a classic save the world RPG…oh well…

PS- I LOVE that you can be a bad guy in fable…

Then you should definitely check out the KOTOR games. You can be so evil.


Izlude, there are plenty of good kids games on XBox. But, that’s a discussion for another thread.

KotoR 1 was quite good and KotoR 2 had a lot of squandered potential. There are RPGs on Xbox other than KotoR but not as many as on PS1/2.

Oppertunity to get rid of a GBC… :hahaha;

You either call it an RPG, or you relegate it to the two game genre known as FREE. It’s an RPG.

Heh, my sister, who knows next to nothing about video games, bought an Xbox for the daycare she runs. When I asked her about it recently, she says she wishes she would have bought a PS2 or GCN, since it’s hard to find suitable games. AND SG, that doesn’t mean I’m saying there are no kids games on the system, it’s just that there are tons more on the PS2 and GCN (since that’s not the focus of the Xbox).

Back on subject, there are RPGs, but there aren’t many Japanese-style RPGs… mostly just Western, PC-style RPGs.

I’d think she’da bought a different system cos those poor little kids could never hold the normal-sized XBox controllers; they’re little plug and play microwaves, or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, continuing the trend of PC-styled RPGs, if you dont have the PC version yet, theres always Morrowind.

Microsoft hasn’t sold the regular sized controllers for years, I don’t think. So they’ve got the “S” controllers. But for what it’s worth I STILL like the original Xbox controllers better than the smaller ones. The original controller was pretty bad, but I have a hell of a time reaching the White and Black button on the smaller controller. Start button too, I believe.

Well I picked up Jade Empire and I borrowed KotoR from a friend so I guess those will hold me over for a while. Thanks Everyone

No, no no no no. We do not need anymore Square RPGs. On ANY console. This year, Square has produced total crap, hell, if it wasn’t for name recognition, I doubt any of their games would have sold this year. They’re that bad.

The X-Box is more of the College-Guy’s console.
PS2 is middle of the road, FPS, RPG, with a healthy mixture of many other types.
The GCN, well, I’m horribly biased, but I hate it. It’s satan’s console.

So the GCN delivers the best games ever in exchange for your immortal soul.

Sounds about right.

Even though Tri-Ace made it… Square did Produce Radiata Stories, which was far from crap…