Dear Hades

What kind of Music, Movies, Actors, Television shows DO you like? I think we would all like to know what we can and cannot talk about.

Honestly? I like pretty much everything. I just pretend to hate shit because it’s funner.


Do you like Lost?

Never seen it. It looks like it could be okay, but I don’t really follow stuff on TV.

Dear god your avatar is fucking amazing

Holy crap that’s a good avatar.

And yeah, hating stuff for the hell of it can be entertaining. Like hating toilet paper. Why can’t it do the wiping for me?

Season 1 of lost was good and that’s all. Stupid fucking show.

Charle’s avatar = Insta-win

As for Lost, that shit’s too confusing (even for me!) Trying to keep up with that show is comparable to a clusterfuck. So I don’t watch it.

Season 1 is excellent. Season 2 is necessary, but unengaging until the plot twist near the end of the season. The first half of Season 3 is fairly uninteresting; but after the hiatus, it kicks into high gear and the season finale is one of the finest hours of television I’ve ever seen. Season 4 is excellent - on par with Season 1. Season 5, for now, seems to be a bit…erm, boring to me though.

But really, why bother watching Lost when Battlestar Galactica is still on the air?

Dear Hades,

When can I call you mine?

Sincerely yours,

Crotanks: Hades is my butt-slave. Hands off! :-I

We’ll let him decide on that >=|

Dear Hades


Are they still on that damn island?

Well…yes and no. It’s complicated…