Dear God

By small kids.

Dear God,

Thank you for making me so handsome, but I’d like to have been born rich instead.

Young Renan

This was amusing ^^…and in lamer terms: “HOW CUTE!”

Dear God,
I think I found the meaning of life.
Ill tell you when I get there.


Heh… cute and fun.

Dear God,

That smell that coming from my sisters room, can you make it go away? And while your at it make her go away?


Dear God,

Keep going


Those are very funny, especially the one about Aladdin’s genie lamp and Cain and Abel getting their own room. :smiley:

Dear God,

Just to let you know,
What you call apathy,
I call Zen.


Dear God,
You suck.

  • Nulani t’Acraya

Smart kids.

Dear Zeus,
We’re sorry!
-Yar Kramer.

Dear God,

The platypus. Seriously, what the fuck, man?

-GG Crono

Dear God,

Could you fix what happened in Babel so I can read Japanese stuff? Also, I’m still waiting for a new Chrono game, we had a deal damnit.

-Seraphim Ephyon

Dear God,

What’s the deal between you and Satan? Why are you still fighting? Because he’s rock and roll and you’re R+B? I don’t get it.


Dear God,
Please let the Republicans know you don’t endorse them, they’re bragging about it.

Dear God,

This really isn’t working out. We’ve grown apart over the millennia. I fee like I don’t even know you anymore. I’m sorry, but I think we should see other deities. I put your stuff in a box in the hallway. You can pick it up whenever you want.


Dear God,
i drawnd u a piktyer
plz akspt thiz
<img src=“”>
ps me on left

Very cute. :sunglasses:

LOL, Thomas Edison stole God’s idea.

Haha, yes. I laughed my balls off at that one.

Sorry to get off topic, but do you play CS:Source, Abaddon? Someone was playing on a server I constantly play yesterday by the name Abaddon (Party Princess Palace was the server name)


You have one helluva bad sense of humor. Of course, from the viewpoint of another, it just might be hilarious.

Very Nice

Dear God,

Thank-you so much


Nope, that was probably someone else. I don’t play Counterstrike.