Dear God, how old IS this thing?!

Okay, so Julia and I were at the mall todfay, and we were in FYE (A common enough store around here), and we were in the children’s section, seeing if they finally had the Beast Wars first season on DVD. Sadly, they didn’t, but I saw somethng even more glorious. Feast your eyes on this.

A Super Mario brothers’ Movie Audio Cassette tape, along with 3-D glasses and Poster. Dear God, this thing must be, what, 11 years old? I bought it for $6.50. And I’m taking this to my grave.

So go ahead and comment, people.


That. Is. Friggin’. Awesome. :O~~~

I love how more places are getting into the retro scene now. Gamestation near where I live now has an entire display shelf devoted to old NES, SNES, Commodore and Spectrum systems, sometimes going for over £100. It’s nice to see old shit coming back as overpriced collecter’s shit. :smiley:

Cool! I used to have one of those Mario Brothers Read Along with the Tape things! Mario got thrown into a pit, and the only way for him and Luigi to get out was to work together! Mario eats a bunch of mushrooms and holds Luigi in his hand so that Luigi can burn away the trap door with a Fire Flower!

An AUDIO tape? Of a movie NOBODY wants to see even WITH visuals? Was this a desperate attempt to cash into it on some way? (And what are the 3d specs for? The poster? Or just an extra attempt to sell it?)

I saw that movie, it sucks heavily. Still, it’s a relic so congratulations!

Dude! I got that one, too! I can’t decide whether it sucked worse, or the movie did. But still, the coolness is in the nostalgia-ness. (I remember once seeing a review of TRON; the “rose-tinted nostalgia” rating was 4/5, and the “realistic rating” was “2/5”.)

Awesome. I used to have something like that…except it didnt have the glasses. Basically it was a “book on tape” about mario and luigi’s adventure’s after the SNES mario.

That movie is so god awfully screwed over, but I love it so much… I wonder if they ever took the time to release it on DVD, I would totally buy it. That’s a really cool item you found though. As for gaming on tape, I had a Zelda book/tape thing when I was little… that thing was so cool. ::dekar!::

Ahh man, I loved that movie. I love Mario. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll watch it again tonight… >.>;; I have no casette or 3-D eye thing though. ;_;

What are you people on? Mario Brothers was the second best video game movie ever, second only to Mortal Kombat, which rocked the world.

Ohhh, I have Mortal Kombat too! I should watch it :3

Ah, yes, Mortal Kombat. I’m tempted to watch it just to say I have, much like Kill Bill and Scooby Doo.

Mortal Kombat was a suprisingly good movie, considering it was based off a game.

And personaly, I loved the Super Mario Bros. movie. But I’m weird like that.

Yeah that movie was not THAT bad. But, Mortal Kombat was probably the best video game movie to date. I shun the sequel however.

We like to not think of the sequel as a movie, but rather a brain melting series of images that runs in succesion at a rapid rate. Thinking of that lump of balls as anything more than that is glorifying somthing that was a mistake and should have never have happened. Like Hades.

<img src=“”> Good news, the Super Mario Bros movie was released on dvd last year, sadly it has no extra. But you can get it at for 10 dollars.

By the way, if Bowser even looked as cool that lizard on the front cover of that movie…I think it might been better. But keep Dennis Hopper as the voice. :stuck_out_tongue:

When will Beast Wars come out on DVD? When! Oh well get the game in the meantime, if you can find it. I forget if it’s for GCN or not. But the find you made was awesome.

Um, I saw something sorta like that…

Y’know, I still got the VHS casette of the Mario Bros movie back home. Haven’t watched it in ages.

I wonder if Nintendo will ever bother with a DVD release?