Dear Friends

So, who would like to go to the Final Fantasy concert in LA in May? I read about it at Square-Enix’s webpage, and I’m surprised I hadn’t seen anything around here about it. Then again, I don’t read every thread that’s ever created.

If I knew I’d be out there, I’d really consider going. It’s a first, at least.

I would! are you invititing whoever posts first to go with you?

If I had the money, I would take you, Vicks. But, even if I did, I am probably too old for YOU, not the other way around. HAH! :hahaha;

No Wilf, she is too old for YOU!

Nope, I wasn’t asking anyone to go. I was just interested in whether people had heard about it.

I reeeeally doubt it, Charle. :mwahaha:


I’ll go with you, Vicki :smiley:
But seriously, I’d love to go see that thing ^^


Don’t let Sin know that, Roun.


exagerated eyebrow raise at CC


Yeah, I’d go… IF IT WASN’T SOLD OUT! ;.;

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Apparently Evangelion would care. I’ll stuff Astral in a hat and take her to Nova Scotia.

haha no that’s not what I meant…but I forgot what I meant by raising my figurative eyebrow anyways :\

And yeah, let’s party, then…

On another note I wish I had the means to go to an FF concert…

OKay, so I’m apparently a dumbass and somehow missed the other thread. =(

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Psh. He wouldn’t care if I uh… I dunno. Stuffed her in my hat and took her to Mexico!

Yeah, I think he’d care alot. I think he might beat you with the hat and dump you in the sea.

And I always have Sin to notice me since I am perched on his head. perches

Seriously now. Um… I care about Sin, he cares about me, and… your comment was silly, and baseless, and uncool. Even as a joke thing.

Stop talking about hats like that! We are not tools for violence! You’re just helping advance the negative violent hat stereotype! :open_mouth:

I’d love to go. If I wasn’t in frickin’ Europe.

Hopefully, the sell out crowd of Dear Friends will trigger more events in the U.S. That’s one concert, I would camp out for days for.