Dear Friends - Music of Final Fantasy

I don’t know how many of you got a chance to go to LA and attend the Walt Disney Symphony Hall and hear LA Philharmonic and the choral perform Nobuo Uematsu’s works. I was able to and I drove all the way from Seattle to get there. It took me four days to get there with an old but trusty VW Vanagon.

When I registered for an online reservation at the nearest hotel, I did not expect it to be in the wonderful China Town district. I still enjoyed the insane but beautiful city of LA. Finally I found the Hall and my eyes widened and my mouth jaw hung to the ground. It was so bright and twisty, with it’s curvy architecture and waves of structural pillars. I could not enter the building as of yet. I searched high and low for it, so as not to be late.

When time neared at around 18:00 hrs, I showered and placed together my best attire. Making sure everything was up to standards for such a great Hall. This Hall became one of the “Modern Seven Wonders of the World” - due to it’s sustaining acoustical value despite any position you occupy in the auditorium. The building had just opened last year for the public. Here I am enjoying it’s bright radiance.

I walked down to the Hall in hopes of simply just getting inside, buy a CD if available and sit down. Boy was I wrong. There were two long lines gathered and circling the front entrance of the Hall. I had no clue what they were wanting so I stepped up to the end of each line to find people hoping to grab the last of the tickets that have either been canceled or sold off. Then there was a line for T-shirts and a program, plus a small CD size calender. I almost mistook it for a CD and became disappointed when it was only a calender. It had the original artwork wich made it worth it. I spent over $80 dollars on it all. Two T-shirts, one calender and a program.

These are the scheduled songs:

Liberi Fatali - FFVIII
Zanarkand - FFX
Terra’s Theme - FFVI
Theme of Love - FFIV
Dear Friends - FFV
Vamo’ Alla Flamenco - FFIX
Love Grows - FFVIII
Aeris’ Theme - FFVII
Not Alone - FFIX
Ronfaure - FFXI
FF I-III Medley
Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children (New Song sounding a lot like all his love themes put together as one)
Final Fantasy - Common Theme

Encore: One Winged Angel

I sat down and listened and chatted with other Fanatics as we all listened to the Symphony warm up and create harmonious noises. One young couple flew in from Chicago to get here. Their excitement was as great as mine. Others kept to themself as they waited. A lot of discussions wandered around about hopeful songs they wished to hear; mine being Celes’ Opera Performance. All of a sudden the audience began to get loud and a great applause grew, but no sign of movement worthy of such an applause was seen from my view. Then a loud female cry pierced my ears, “NOBUO UEMATSU!!! I LOVE YOU NOBUO!!!” Then the applause became almost like an earthquake. I saw his hands wave from amongst these cheers of hands. He was accompanied with his wife and two guards on each side. The attire was simple yet unique to the Japanese culture.

Having everything more calm now, Guess who comes on stage… Tidus!!! Actually James Arnold Taylor. With his great sense of humor and poise, he gives the audience joy and excitement. After having described each coming song he then allows for the concert to begin. The conductor appears after having the lead violinist tune up the orchestra. Thus begins the best and most amazing dream come true.

As each song plays with new and added parts for each, a circle of screens (Above the orchestra) shows close-ups of the orchestra with big smiles and joy on their faces as the play. At high points of the later games’ themes appears movie scenes of the actual graphics. Including FFVII - Advent Children. It was of Cloud overlooking the Ruins.

When all ended, the crowd bursted in applause and standing ovations. Having shown our greatest gratitude, the conductor appears pleased and introduces Uematsu to the audience as he comes onto the stage.

Nobuo Uematsu says a few words and then he introduces the original Artist, Yoshitaka Amano and the creator who gave birth to the series, Hironobu Sakaguchi. With overwhelming applause, they spoke of how they love Final Fantasy and so much more.
A translator helped us understand them and gave much humor when Sakaguchi spoke in English.

After their speeches ended they played the encore piece to a thrilling end. Now I long for the DVD copy of this concert.

Sorry, when was this event again? I only vaguely remember reading about an orchestra performing FF music, and I read that a while ago too.

Damn I wish I could have gone.
Sigh, I REALLY WANTED TO GO, and I;m from California. I really really wanted to go, Whine.

I, too, wish I could have been there. ;_;

Kero went there too.

Cool. Thanks for the report! :sunglasses:

That sounds like it was really something.

Wish I could have gone, but living in the UK, it makes those sort of things rather expensive. It would be cool if they did a version here as well.

I heard that they were doing a concert in Germany as well. Plus Uematsu said himself that this wouldn’t be the last one.

Man I would have killed to go! If anything just to hear One Winged Angel live o.o; GOD I LOVE THAT SONG! ahem Yeah so…I’m in California too and I REALLY wish I could have gone…grumble :hyperven:

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I’m a girl :slight_smile: That there is one of my FF8 RP characters… :wave:

I wish I could have gone! When I heard that they were going to have a Final Fantasy concert, I wanted to go SO BADLY but the tickets weren’t on sale yet. Then I get on the internet the next day… or two… and find out that THEY’RE ALL SOLD OUT! What’s up with that?! It made me mad.

But I couldn’t have gone anyway. My parents said it was too far away (plus the tickets were all sold out, darn it) I live in Utah… I don’t really like it here. Too desert-y for me. Plus nothing ever happens. :frowning: All well. Someday I’ll move out, then I can go anywhere. Like LA.

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