Dear Etrian Odyssey Dungeon Design Person


Love, me.

I don’t get it.

You’d have to play through that hellhole to understand.

What you see there the 27th floor of Etrian’s final bonus dungeon. Bear in mind, this is the rape level of a game largely considered to be a giant rape level in itself.

The room is 50% made of invisible pitfalls, all of which drop you to the 28th floor, a completely open featureless and easily navigable space but for the fact that it’s almost completely covered with spikes that completely deplete your health every five steps. The only exit back up is through the stairs at the way upper left.

How do you navigate the pitfall hellhole? You stalk the visible monsters in the map, a trick I thankfully caught on to early enough, except this leads to an infuriatingly slow game of following those douchebags while walking back and forth to give them time since they move at half your speed (which is rare, most of these in every other floor move at the same speed as you, this happens here just to infuriate you), until they hit the end of their path and begin backtracking, at which point you have to kill them since you have no room to evade them, and you better fucking hope you’ve covered enough road because you have to guess whatever parts you didn’t follow it through.

All of this, of course, while you deal with the passable-to-dangerous random encounters in both floors and constantly have to take five-minute breaks to use Relaxing during battle to replenish your healer’s TP so that you aren’t killed for having 1HP because you had to trek through the spike level.

After several dead-end roads, roads leading to useless treasure chests, many a failed guess as where to step, COUNTLESS drops to the lower level, over twenty breaks to use Relaxing, half my fucking healing inventory and approximately three hours, the map ends up looking somewhat like this. Obviously, the exit was in the last goddamn path I discovered.

This, by the way, lead me to the 29th level. That one took “only” two hours to clear.


So why are you playing it, then? If something isn’t fun, shouldn’t you like, stop? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was fun up until that floor, and it got fun once I got that done. That particular floor was just disconcertingly cruel.

I see. I just heard that in one of the two games, the last dungeon is absolutely retarded and full of unfun cheap death. Of course, I wouldn’t know. I only buy Atlus RPGs if I have a ton of free time and I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve said something negative about a game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried playing EO once, and didn’t feel like playing again after too far in. I find it’s one of those games that I feel you better know what the hell you’re doing before you get into it. That, and the EO series are known for being hard.

After reading the previous posts, this is why I don’t get too involved in super-hard games like that. Kinda reminds me of Cliffhanger for SNES where you had to memorize the game to even beat the levels. Don’t get me wrong. I love a game with challenge, but if it tries to pull some cheap-ass crap on you continuously, it’s insane. (Ex. Cat-Man Mario)

Also, Cheap Deaths = No fun. Sort of the thing I hate about Avalon Code. If you can’t beat a boss with full health/MP, how the hell can you beat it with 1/2 health and minimal MP if you die once?

Yeah, the biggest challenge in Etrian is setting up a good party. You need to experiment a lot for that, especially as what makes a “good party” changes a lot depending on where you are in the game. It doesn’t even require grinding. In fact, you level up so slowly, training is mostly useless.

Actually, it’s very hard to get killed in the 6th stratum because you sure as fucking hell know what you’re doing by then. It’s just a SLOW, BIG, CONFUSING pit of misery and suffering.