Dear Big Nutter

Then don’t type so fast and use the backspace key.

See? Stop being so mean to Nutter…even if he does not take his time posting…plus I have ADHD and i use the…dot dot dot phrase alot, yet I dont post as much crap…but i do take speed for my ADHD. I;m not lying, I am really on speed.( adderall )or however you spell it.

Ramza. I don’t think the problem is the mods cracking down more. I think it’s the increase in dumbasses posting.

Dont lie, you dont have dyspraxia, or dyslexia. And Simmer, we dont like you either.

hey, speak for yourself. I’m not sure weather or not anyone here dis-likes me, but chances are they dont like me, or dis-like me.mumbles"Jeez and he thinks that he is sain."

Charlemagne: Hey, why DONT you speak english all the time?
Charlemagne: Huh?
Charlemagne: huh?
Charlemagne: c’mon, answer I have to go
Charlemagne: bye
Charlemagne: ok
Charlemagne: now answer
BigNutter: I’m bad at writen english, I really have to spend some time on the words.
BigNutter: PLus I’m just about to gop to bed as soon as I finish a few things.
Charlemagne: finish what?
Charlemagne:finish masturbating to weiila?
BigNutter: … nope, katie w… you won’t know her
Charlemagne: ew, you’re masturbating and talking ot me at the same time?
BigNutter: nope… clean up…

What in the world are you fucking talking about?! sry.Trk Jac.

My occaatnally typo’d (that is when I atcually awake)

The irony

How about this Charlemagne?-you stop posting insults, and I stop hating you. When he said that he probanbly meant theat no, he was not masturbating at the compute, but he was cleaning up. And if you think that is perverted, then you probably had a sick mind to begin with.

I thought it was an unescapable coma, and he somehow died for a few moments, then came back and was like “'sup?”.

I think Butter and Simmer are the same people.

If you read what it said, you’ll see its pretty clear what he was doing. Its not my fault he was jerkin his gerkin. So dont get mad at me when he does it.

They aren’t the same people.

Well, I have my reasons to this accusation.

Simmer is obviously siding with Butter, and they both seem to have troubles typing properly. I don’t know Butter’s age, but I’ll take a guess at about the same age as Simmer. After Butter went idle, Simmer started to post (like fuck). How do you know they aren’t the same people? I know you guys can do IP scan and what-not, but they could be using two different computers! Ho oh oh oh!!!

The depressing part about this thread is, despite its topic, that Nutter’s posts in it have been among the more intelligent ones.

You win.

Simmer and Big Nutter aren’t the same person. Why is it that some of us have to jump in on the message board drama and start accusing people of having multiple accounts? Big deal. Some people just happen to have similar typing patterns.

Eva is the same person as Sin and Big Nutter and BlueMageOne and Genericangstyposter!

It’s because we have cryptic hidden messages within our words. That, and I (we) love myself.

Yeah, it’s like the Da Vinci code, only stupid. :stuck_out_tongue: