Dear Big Nutter

You’ll make us more uptight if people like you keep shitting up threads. Knock it off.

Don’t try to find a sense to it all, there is none. I’ve looked at it from possible every angle and I’ve reached the conclusion that he either speaks an entirely different language or just randomly hits the keyboard managing to create words with no context. Whether or not he is even capable of understanding what we say is up to debate, but if he is, it certainly doesn’t show.

He does it on purpose.

Seems to me that the issue in hand is whether or not BN is ruining people’s fun and making the agora a less enjoyable place to visit. From my perspective, he isn;t, quite the opposite in fact, but the mod team have to take everyone’s perspective into consideration.

I’d love to know exactly how those complaints were worded, though. “BN’s post caused me offence/ruined my enjoyment of a thread” sounds like a genuine issue to me, “oh no, not another random BN post” sounds like a whining Jessie to me.

Ah well, at least it’s not my call to make. :slight_smile:

Sin: Ah… Why are you getting so defensive? Jesus christ man, I didn’t say anything to try to make you feel bad, I was wondering about something that I had observed lately. I have only been around here regularly (Outside looking at WoW thread) for a few days, and I’ve just seen more than a couple posts about mods telling people off. For instance the four locked threads and telling Charle you’re gonna ban him again if he keeps it up and threatening to ban BN.

And Kagon, I haven’t even been here to “shit up” any threads lately. I’m not going to knock it off, because I have nothing to knock off. Jeez, I said “Oh shit” in reply to someone! Thats definitely worth swearing at someone. I have NO idea where the hell that even came from. If you’re going to think what I do in one thread dictates what I do in every thread I post in, you probably shouldn’t be an admin.

I’m sorry if I had one too many Butter-loving posts in this thread, I hadn’t even thought that I made the first when I made the second. I like Butter, his random posts are fun to read, and if 15 out of the however many people here dont like them, they dont need to read them. And as Nebagram said, he’s one of the more entertaining people around here anymore.

In his defense, his LJ says he has schizophrenia or something like that (I’ve only seen it once, and it was a long time ago, so don’t think I know him or anything). However, schizophrenia, from what I actually know of it, would cause spelling errors, not outright horrid poor grammar.

And whether he is honest on this or not, his putting stuff through babelfish in his current state is outright flamebait, and I’ll agree something must be done on that front.

I remember him saying he had dyslexia.

I can never understand a thing he says, but he has been posting much less then he used to. You’ve told him to not post things in other languages before anyway (remember the al’bhed phase?)

I remember Orakio dying of heart disease and being resurrected by monkey fairies. What’s your point?

Excuse me Ramza? Yes, because posts that consist of just “loolol” are so very great and contribute amazingly. It’s come from the fact that your one line posts are getting rather spammy. Don’t try starting stuff saying that the mods are cracking down on fun- we’re closing threads that are just spammy. We always have been doing that.

Those were posted in english though, not another language aquired through a webpage/video game.

Back before I was banned I don’t remember seeing around 10 locked topics in the first two pages. And do you think I am the only one that makes one lined posts? I’ll get some for you

Edit: Nevermind, I’m not going to waste anymore time arguing. And I’d appreciate it if you guys didn’t try to pop in and get a “last laugh” sort of thing.

People making bad copies of the same thread are going to cause more topics to be locked. It gets old.

Give them a break, the posters of those threads knew damn well that they’d be closed, it’s really cool that they let some of them go on for so long. Lay off, they’re letting us have our fun, but they have to filter out some of the retarded shit people like me post.

Exactly, you don’t know what’s going on and have a tendency of jumping into shit and bothering us when you don’t know what’s going on.

In addition, “turn down that music!”

Pull your pants up, your underwear is showing.

No, you can not borrow the car.

Darn kids, with their music…

(I think that about covers everything)

Try here for the Hum:

The Translation (or The Guide): The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double-backwards somersault through a hoop whilst whistling the “Star Spangled Banner”, but in fact the message was this: So long and thanks for all the fish.

I will be leaving soon, but with the threat of being banned before that time, I posted early the whole of the Thread starter, minus the wave file. The wave file in question is above. It was going to be my last Post for up to a whole month. I am moving house, due to the fact I will have to buy and install new hardware after I move so before I can get back online on my PC. (I have alternative E-mail access already sorted.)

I had been “Advertising” that fact in my signature.

Why else I’d make good fake image about it? Ask any UK member with Digital and turn on the subtitles during the BBC 10’o Clock News.

Correct. I do have Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. I honestly have trouble making my commication clear enough so most people understand them.

The Increadable Big Nutter

Another trait of mine. Find the odd socks one in a recent 1000 (1002?) thread.

Nutter, if you posted like that all the time, I don’t think anyone would have a problem. That is the best post I’ve ever seen you do.

See? He’s a retard. He probably had his mother or whoever is in charge of him type that message.


I ussally type fast, so fast I can’t spell properly and I occationally hit the wrong key due to The lack or Co-oradination by Dyspraxia.

Plus I an E in 11-16 School English. (Grade A*-> G. A great. G bad.)