Dear Big Nutter

It has not been a secret to the community that you have ways of drawing my irritation with your useless, nonsensical insult to posting which is your spamming on our forums. Although, it is pretty obvious that I am not the only one who is aggravated by the continuous flow of diarrhea which you spill into our discussions, overflowing and spreading across our poor, already badly battered agora. I write this in response to several complaints and after being implored to take more…drastic… action in order to choke you like a unruly bitch.

So please, take heed of my words and 1-make sense by actually speaking real English, not English after running a few miles through Babelfish, and 2-sticking to the topic. Else you shall draw my unholy ire, which at this time of my life right now is reallynot a good idea.


Take it to PMs. >.>

Is [STRIKE]Wayne Brady[/STRIKE] Sinistral going to have to choke a bitch?

(There, the one and only time I’ll quote something off Chappelle’s Show, even though Chappelle didn’t say it.)

I like BigNutter!

So does this mean that if he continues to do whatever he’s doing to get warned, that action will actually be taken? Wow. <seriously, who are you kidding here>

I’ve got some Good/Bad News.

Hums Star spagled banner - So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish!

omfg get this post out of here

Nutter is about the most entertaining thing on these boards. :-/

And they are?

I tolly agree.

Nutter, I didn’t understand your last post you made in this thread, it does not make sense. I mean, what’s the news?

That’s he’s leaving. Duh.

He means he’s leaving and that’s a good/bad thing.

While I can agree with the off topicness, why would you ban someone for mere incoherency? Is BN capable of being coherent? If not, then I would not say that it’s a fair ban. I’m pretty sure that he said that he had some sort of learning disability that makes it hard for him to read and write. Either way, it’s pretty damned easy to ignore BN, so I don’t really see why it’s an issue. Just because someone is an annoyance does not mean that they are a detriment to the community.

What about people who make idiotic remarks constantly and have absolutely no excuse? Or ask stupid questions constantly and remark about their postcount and whatnot? I can count several of them. They aren’t banned, because they haven’t broken any rules.

    • This is an odd rule since it leaves much to interpretation, but if too much completely senseless posting is done just for the heck of posting (or to get a higher user title rank), then you will be warned or your post count will be penalized. We embrace silliness, but only if it remains silly and not juvenile.

The rules for the message board are enforced by moderators, who moderate specific boards, and by administrators, who moderate all the message boards. Unless said otherwise, when breaking a rule, you will be warned. If you continuously break a rule, it is to the mods/admins discretion to temporarily ban you. If even after a temporary ban (or bans) the offenses continue, a ban of indeterminate length may be assigned; to be lifted if and when the mods/admins find it appropriate. This all sounds evil, but we’re not, we’re just trying to keep the place fun for all. Just remember, civility is the name of the game on our boards, and as long as you are being civil, everything will be hunky dory

Quoted from the rules page. The end.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that one. Carry on, then.

It seems lately the mods are getting a little uptight about all the rules. You say you are all about fun, but as soon as some fun pops up, you shoot it down and threaten bans.

Ramza is then suddenly sniped down from England.

Oh shit

Nutter’s post almost seemed to be daring Sin. Now granted my Nutter comprehension is pretty low, but still. I don’t find Nutter funny, but humor is subjective. It is hard for me to tell if Nutter even understands what Sin is saying.

Dear Ramza,

You are full of shit. We have been very lax lately and you don’t know what you’re talking about.