Dead: You Will Be

Or at least one of the actors.,11711,1174673,00.html

FUCK ME! :thud: Has anything, anywhere, ever, reeked so much of “publicity stunt” that you can practically smell the corpse through your internet, let alone in the theatre (which would be the #1 reason for putting me off), not to mention the fact that, in this day and age of advanced prosthetics, you don’t actually need a frickin’ real body, hell, give an alive actor a sleeping tablet or something. :thud: Call me cynical, but I can’t see any reason they’re using a corpse except to get publicity.

I agree wholeheartely with Neb. Hell, they could just chlorophorm a random passerby and be done with it!

I agree with Neb too.

Artistic license and it ought to be revoked.

Ehm… for some reason, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
At least they’re asking for use of the dead body. Unlike in Cannibal Holocaust, when they dipped a real dead corpse into a piranha infested pool/stream thing (Apparently).

In the movie Three Kings, there is a scene where a bullet hits a body and the movie shows the bullet travelling through its inside. It is said they used a stolen corpse to make that scene. There were some issues the production and directing staff had with the police by then.

I think the use of a dead body is just to make it sell, as Neb has put. They could just use a doll.

This smells.
And will smell. At least the corpse will.

Today’s forecast is TOTAL crap. Seriously, dere’s NO way dis can be justified in any way other den “Hey, look at me! I cast dead people!”

That is one sick publicity stunt.

I don’t get it. What is so wrong if they are getting permission? =p

They should just pull a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ and drag a living guy around the whole time instead of casting a dead one. The audience would still get the point, and the cast wouldn’t have to wash their hands for 25 minutes after the show trying to get the stench of daily rotting flesh off their hands.

OK, think about it. If you were in the audience and you knew the body on the stage was really dead, wouldn’t you be in a slightly different frame of mind than if you were thinking it was just a dummy or an actor?

To be honest, if it were so, I wouldn’t see the play. It’s a little ostentatious to pull such a stunt. And it is a stunt.

I wonder how much they’d pay for the dead body…

Gives new meaning to the phrase “I see dead people.”

That raises a good point- will people come back each day just to see which other bits of the corpse have decomposed? :-p

Then again, if they could keep Lenin looking “freshly conked-out” for that length of time, I’m sure there are some solutions they use in the arts world to keep dead bodies fresh

Good idea for publicity, dumb idea in general. Here’s why:

Good Idea:

  1. People will be intrested in the idea of a real body, and will want to see it.
  2. Even just SAYING they want a dead body will grab people’s attention.
  3. Nothing is more realistic than the actual thing.

Bad Idea:

  1. Lots of people will look to shut down the show.
  2. Some people WON’T see it because it has a real dead person.
  3. It will be expensive (even if not to get the body, taking care of it will be).
  4. They will have to keep the body from rotting (including the smell.
  5. A live actor pretending won’t be as difficult to take care of or transport.
  6. A realistic dummy wouldn’t be as difficult to use (like the actor in above line).
  7. Many actors won’t want to do the show (also some are superstichous (sp?)).

My Possible Solutions:

  1. Say it’s a dead person; use a dummy. (People lie for publicity all the time. Hide the truth in the fine-print.)
  2. Follow thru with the idea until the last moment, then drop it. All eyes will be on you, though you may loose audiance to not using the “real thing.”

Either way, I won’t see it. It just sounds dumb.

At least the main actor wouldn’t have to worry about signing autographs. :stuck_out_tongue: