Dead Space: Extraction

It is EXCELLENT! I am surprised by how much I’m liking this. I’m sadly about half way through but I intend to play through it again on a harder mode (I’m on hard now) and / or with my gf if I can convince her. She finds it scary <_<;. Its impressive a wii game succeeds at that, to Visceral’s credit.

How is the sound/sound effects? Judging by your gf’s reaction, they must be quite well done.

Its pretty damn good. The game is more action than survival horror. They do an excellent job with the setting and the mood by carefully timing everything.

She can play this but she can’t play the first DS. Its also a lot easier in 2P than 1P. In 1P, if you’re surrounded, running low on ammo, and have to make sure not to miss and not miss your reloads, the walls close in fast.

She probably jumps at a dustbunny thinking it’s a rat.

My sides are aching.

I rarely have time for console-based gaming these days, but I may check DS:E out.

I thought of something I’m going to try: since the game is played as 1p or 2p, you could play the game 1 with 2 wiimotes: dualwielding the guns/wiimotes. This should be awesome, though I suspect, difficult.

Let’s see if ambidexterity pays off! (good idea.)

So I tried it and I have to express disappointment. They actually set up P2 so that he doesn’t need a nunchuck but you can’t play as P1 without a nunchuck. What makes things worse is that the reload is the 1 button and stasis is the 2 button, when it should’ve been + and -. Its too awkward to press 1 and 2 in a firefight. Shooting down individual targets is super fast, but when you are crowded, the inability to efficiently reload your guns or conveniently swap is a pain.

I managed through the first 2 levels on Hard, barely. It wasn’t too bad except maybe once in the 2nd level when I had to shoot at the necromorphs while doing the electricity grid puzzle with both controllers. I found that my accuracy with the left hand was 10% lower and that I did 25% less dismemberments. I also found that its really hard to aim at specific limbs from afar when you have 2 fat crosshairs in your screen.

Overall, Visceral wasted a lot of potential. I usually think people who bitch about not being able to edit controllers are stupid, but here it would’ve made all the difference.

You gotta love the scientific frame of mind.

Design decision because they thought people may have actually bought the Wii Zapper. + and - are horrible to reach if you got that thing.

I know I laughed just thinking about it, what a worthless piece of plastic really…

Actually, you can switch between a zapper mode and a non - zapper mode. They thought that far, making this all the more absurd. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to play this with a wii zapper. I really wonder if natal will allow people to play stuff like halo, cod or gow with ‘guns’.