Dead or Alive

you’re coming with me.

What’re you gonna do to me? I don’t trust you.

How about undead?

It was OCP I swear! :eek:

And if I resist?

No way im not going without a fight p:unch::

Reference… reference… thinks

Silly DT. Wobocop!

Directive #4: Deleted.

clotheslines robber, robber dies

Thank you for your cooperation

Hey, Charle, did you see the 4 DVD mini-series they released about a few months ago on Robocop? Even though they were based on the TV series Robocop, they were mildly entertaining.

It’s “Directive 4”, not "Rule #4.

coughRobocopcough Excuse me, sorry, I must be coming down with something. Look at his avatar and it’ll be clear.

Just so that DT can get some quick information so that she isn’t so clueless.

I see none of this Rule #4 you mention >_>

Do robots count as dead or alive?

I remember you! We killed you!

My robot is alive, I don’t know about yours though.

My computer is a robot. Well, it sometimes acts as though it were <strike>a bitch</strike> human.

the choices…hmm

Oh… a Jet pack with battery backup keeps him running longer outside for longer.

Big Nutter
Spins gun and then hoster it I prefre my Staff. but’s a flag. Cos I’m in the last eight.