Dead Fantasy Volume 3

Previously on DF (for those of you that don’t know what DF is as well as a refresher for those who’ve seen them last year).

And now part 3. Both here and there (and yes these videos are of atrocious quality at best but they’re the only ones I could find at the moment).

I love Dead Fantasy, but I HATE getting stuck watching clips like that! :smiley: I can’t wait until higher-quality movies are posted.

Keep an eye on, that’s where they came out in HD before. I’ll wait till I see it there before grabbing it.

Damn, forum’s going very very slow… sorry for repost.

I would’ve waited for the HD version but up until yesterday I wasn’t sure the series had been hit with a C&D from SE so it was nice to see Dead Fantasy alive and kicking gratuitous amounts of ass.