DDRMax 2

i got it for Christmas. Its ok, exept they took out a whole lotta songs : /

What are your thoughts on this treason, and whats you’re favorite song on it?

Did they finally put So Deep in? (I assume you’re talking about the american DDR MAX 2)

Zep: yes they did.

I like it, personally. It has a different style than DDRMax 1 and I like the fact that almost all the songs are different. I wouldn’t want to buy a game for 40 bucks and see that its the same damn thing as the thing I had spent 40 bucks on a year ago. My only qualm is that DDRMax 1 had better unlockable songs.

I personally get the Japanese releases but I did get to try DDRMAX2 at Best Buy. They had it set up so people could try it. I was very happy when I played Captain Jack and saw it has the music video there. I really like Captain Jack so it’s too bad that none of the Japanese releases have that video.

Burning Heat and Kakumei. I like how the coolest songs are actually some of the easiest. :smiley:

I think they upped the difficulty a lot over Max1, though. I only played it once though, so my memory’s kinda hazy.

Meh, it’s alright. Personally, I liked the first DDRMax better. I just thought DDRMax2 was a bit too Americanized, if there’s such a thing.

They took out so many old favorites of mine that i dont like it that much. I dont know why so many DDR mainstays got the axe, but it really took away from the fun.

I like Max (Payne) 2.

Well, I just like the songs, but I’m not some demi-god at the game. I can do the occasional 8 foot song, (In The Navy is fun), and I’m working on doing Kakume on heavy but I think the game is good overall.

I passed heavy kakumei on first try. Its a very neat song.

I’m horrible at DDR. Although I wanna get better at it, I just always seem to fail :stuck_out_tongue:

I did too at first. I was so bad I didn’t even want to watch at the screen and see how bad my score was. But that would’ve led to worse scores. Having the home version helped since I saved money and it was easier to not get game over. Practice makes perfect.

Having MY home version helped you mean (nevermind that it was a christmas present from you… =.=)…

Anyway, I like it. I even liked it a little more than ddrmax1, partially because it has alot of songs that I liked right off the bat (without having to unlock, in other words - Candy took a freakin’ long time to get). The music videos are a little distracting, but also kinda neat. As for not having all the oldies… it’s not all that hard to just take out ddrmax2 and slip in ddrmax1, so… shrugs

I liked kakumei too (it’s moonlight sonata, right?)… And yay me, I can finally do stuff in standard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Originally posted by Sinistral
I passed heavy kakumei on first try. Its a very neat song.

Well I’m not exactly Mr. Athlete here :stuck_out_tongue:

that and I only own Konamix as I don’t have a PS2 and I don’t practice that often, come to think of it. We just have a weekly DDR meeting at campus so that’s where I get my practice for that game. 'tis fun.


I have never played DDR, ever. I just never got around to doing it. Is there any actual difference between all the different versions, or are they just using different songs?

Yes, each version has slightly different ways for figuring out score, a different interface, and, of course, different songs. Some also have different modes too.

Each game doesn’t have dif modes though. Dif types tend to have different modes, like DDRmax 1 and 2 essentially have the same mode. In general, the more recent ones seem to be harder than the older ones, which is good, and they also have better songs. You see different kinds of moves that are commonly asked of you in dif versions and that’s usually reflected by the style of the songs which varies between versions. So people bitching “this doesn’t the songs I like” from the previous versions are kinda dumb because they’d rather waste their money on something they already have.

I highly enjoy Dream a Dream and Breakdown. and maybe a little Dive.

Originally posted by zeppelin
Did they finally put So Deep in? (I assume you’re talking about the american DDR MAX 2)

That song is just evil…

Originally posted by Sinistral
I passed heavy kakumei on first try. Its a very neat song.

I can C that one on Difficult >_>;
(With difficulties being Beginner, Standard (4 feet), Difficult (6), Expert (TOO MANY)

I have a DDR Future. Paranoia Evolution. Grade B

I also A’d Healing Vision: Angelic Mix on standard. I want an AA, damnit!