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ITG is absolutely horrible. The steps are horrible, the songs are horrible, the GUI is horrible, everything about it sucks.

Not only that, but they STOLE the game from stepmania. STOLE it. Its an EXACT clone of Stepmania. Its so much of a clone that you can even load the songs straight from the arcade cabinet into a PC and play them. They stole the game.

And they broke the law. They broke the law on Konami’s patents. Andamiro did it a few years ago, and so did K2 systems. If RoxoR was paying attention, they would have known that Konami is serious about defending their patents. They should have known that konami would have retaliated. Instead, they were stupid, and now they’re getting sued. And i have no sympathy for them.

DDR is perfect the way it is. There is nothing wrong with it that needs reforming. So what the series is stagnant? It gives people a chance to PA the game. If you want a harder dancing game, go play Pump, or Steppin’ 3 Superior or something. Don’t steal ideas and ruin them.

Except that if you need a video game to dance (and dance horribly) then you need help.

That game is not really about dancing. It’s entirely based on reflexes and rhythm sense (and some people can get away with reflexes only, probably), which would be good for dancing, but aren’t necessary everything.

What’s that game where you wave your arms around like a hand dancer? Man, that game is pretty god damn stupid.

Yeah, I don’t even like the fact that someone thought up the genre. It pains me to see that the human race has gone so low…

I have never heard of ITG but DDR is a lot of fun. I wouldn’t call it real dancing though, more a feat of eye-foot coordination and endurance. I personally can’t dance for shit and neither am I interested to learn. I’ve got other things to do.

The Deutsche Demokratische Republik rocks.

ITG is just StepMania. The company that makes it stole stepmania, and put it in an arcade cabinet. Its exactly the same as SM.

And yea, DDR is not about dancing.