DDR madness ... and broken wall

There you go Sin:


I put some subtitles so everyone can understand what happened.

I’m putting on VHS everything we’ll film, so this time you’ll have a souvenir when you go back home.

Sin really does look like the Green Ranger O_o

Bah, you see me for 3 seconds and Im not even wearing my bandanna. Hiei, that was nice though. How bout posting any other pictures that were taken that night? (shouldve taken more… oh well, plenty oppurtunity for good material, 2 weeks left)

Talk about bringing down the house.

oh yeah the group pic. We don’t see me much on it though :frowning: Yeah plenty of other opportunities. Btw we need to do these videos you asked me about 2 months ago, edited videos with special effects things.

'nyways, call me when you do something. See ya

** I didn’t bother to put names on it, so play Guess Who :stuck_out_tongue:

*** Yeah it’s big … good thing I’m using 2 MP and not 3…

Heh, I didn’t think we all fit in that pic.

My baby!!! ^____^ waves at him

Which one are you, Iga? The guy all the way to the right?

…and did the neighbor call the police or anything? o_o;

Meeeeeeeee… I wish I was there too. pouts But still, that’s cool. That’s very cool

LMAO !!! That was just hilarious :slight_smile:

I hope Root’s neighbor didn’t charge him for damages or anything… :stuck_out_tongue:

That wouldn’t be too funny… <.< >.>

QPZ4 + Red eyes due to camera flash = psycholooking.

The video was a fun looks, but it triggered something absolutely freaky.

Buys the damn DDR board along with the DDR european release

Originally posted by Astral
Which one are you, Iga? The guy all the way to the right?


I’m : -the only one with a sports team shirt
-the only one with a hat on this pic
-the one that isn’t smiling because he got caught in surprise and let go of his smile before

In any case, yeah.

Jeez! Everyone’s so old! If I were there… I’d look like a little kid. ^^ Er… >>

I’m the youngest in there, Ramz.

Oh, and if I recall, someone said the following :

“It’s good that we have a girl in the pic, otherwise we’d look a little…”

Speaking of which, who is the girl?

EDIT: Doh… Nevermind…

I think it’s Faetan.

All the way to the right is Iga, all the way to the left is Etienne(friend), next to Etienne is me. The girls Fae, QPZs the skinny guy in front next to Fae and myself. Dark Sand has the goatee, Zs the blond guy behind Fae. The bearded guys Roots (as seen in the video). Hiei is hiding in the back behind QPZ and Drak has the moustache, behind Roots and Zero and next to DS.

I like QPZ! He looks cool with the red eyes and the way he’s looking at the camera! :slight_smile: w00! That looks like it woulda been fun!

You guys must really have been having a lot of fun… And that’s one odd game you were playing. o_O