DBZ The Ledgne of the super sayian help

There’s a shrine, you know.


No no this is the problem, I read every detail of Crotenks guide which is very usefull but every time I go near my ship, Dodorai will not blow my ship up. I have the 2 aand 6 star dragonball,deafeted Kuwi what am I missing?

You DID get dende and the other two namekians, right?

Yes I have Dende and the two worthless Namakians.

So you got Dende’s brother in that house with the pots?

Hmm, well this is my team so far.

Gohan,Krillin,Tien,Chosite,Yamcha,Dende ans the two Namekians.

You’re missing his point. There are TWO Namekian kids. Dende and another one thats hiding in a pot. And in truth you have to be on the right spot to get Dordoria to attack if memory serves. So you should have four green beans all together.

Oh I see well I only have 3 namekians, were is the last namekian? I know you said he is hiding in a pot, but which one?


Now this is starting to turn odd. I read your walkthough it said to go east or north east from the cave with Kuwi. you said I need to enter the house and search for the cups. I stil did not find Dende’s brother. Is something wrong with the game or me because this is really ridicoulous. I have been stuck on this for over 4 months.

Did you search the objects INSIDE the house that are supposed to be pots but look more like cups? You walk up to them, pull up the menu and use the Search/Look option. And if you’ve been stuck for four months it’s not the game it’s you.

So I need to find some house east and and use the search button. And is the search button the second or first choice. But I like this game, I can play it pretty well withour the need for any patch.

You’d be surprised how much easier it would be on all of us if you’d USE THE PATCH.

You know, there are quite a few points in the game where this kind of thing will happen so you’re better off downloading the patch. Also, if you’ve been stuck in the same damn spot for 4 months you’re not playing very well without the patch.

But I am bad at useing patchs, So just go near a pot and use search? And a namekian kid should pop out?

For the LAST TIME: SEARCH THE POTS AND YOU’LL FIND THE NAMEKIAN KID! How goddamned specific do we have to be? And on the topic of patches, if you’re using Zsnes all you have to do is name the patch and the game file the same and it’ll patch automatically.

Do I have to search the house where Freiza and his gang were?

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