DBZ feature length movies?

I read on my other forum that live action movies are supposably in production however due to casting difficulties production has been set back to mid 2004 and the releases are scheduled to be in 2005.

They are aiming to make 4 movies… beginning with the saiyan saga, through to the buu saga I think… possible titles are dragonball z: unlimited or simply dragon ball z…

Note that I am just passing info on, so I’m not sure about the major details or if this whole situation is null and void.

I’m not really into DBZ (only Trunks and the Android saga because, well it kicked ass ) but seeing the whole thing in realistic format ( I use that term loosely, considering it’s DBZ ) could be a different and a bit interesting…any thoughts?

No,no,no,no:fungah: :noway: Keep it anime there is no way it would work like that,I read once there was a live action movie and it compleatly sucked,so i only hope it never comes out

The rumor of a live action movie has been around since 2001 (Possibly eariler). There is nothing concrete yet. It is “supposedly” in pre-production without a finished script.

Overtime supposed cast members have been, Jackie chan, Samo Hung, Yuen Biao (The trilogy of comedy heh), goldberg, ray park, hugh jackman and on and on.

I am not holding my breath =)

Ahh alright I’m just passing around empty info then…however I don’t like the idea of it turning into a movie either it would just be downright silly. I don’t even want to see Jackie Chan groaning and sweating it up when he turns Super Saiyin 8P That’s like watching a bunch of men having an orgy.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Sweaty, constipated, screaming, half-naked full-contact wrestling men in real life. Sounds like a gay porn movie.

Grah. Its been rumored since 2001, yes. Jankaden has the right idea, and so does TD. Making it the only DBZ movie I won’t see if the dumbasses actually decide to screw themselves out of time and money by trying to make money off of a retarded ass movie.

The DBZ movies almost all suck. If they make a live action one…well, let’s just say I’d rather not think about it.

That live action idea has been around forever. To tell you the truth, I think 15 anime movies is more than enough.


Anytime I think live action anime my mind wanders to Guyver. OMG what a peice of shit that movie was.

However, the Crying Freeman movie (With Mark Dacascos) was pretty damn good =)

I liked Guyver ;;

I’d probably watch the DBZ movie, just not go to a theater and see it.

Originally posted by Steve
[b]I liked Guyver ;;

I’d probably watch the DBZ movie, just not go to a theater and see it. [/b]

You liked the live action one?!? The anime was fucking awsome I will admit, but the live action was pitiful.

And just when I thought they couldn’t bastardize the DB series anymore…:noway:

Originally posted by Jakanden
The rumor of a live action movie has been around since 2001

There are rumours about a ton of anime LA remakes recently. Eva, Akira, FLCL (one I heard in school. NO), Trigun, and DBZ are all supposed to be having them. Believe at your peril.

You forgot about Yu-Gi-Oh, Pierson. There is a (fan) site that listed the cast. Frankie Muniz plays Yugi XP