Dave Chappelle takes a stand


I now have more respect for him then ever before.


I get mad when people don’t listen to me too. It’s frustrating when people don’t give you the respect you deserve, especially when you are trying to do your job, like he was. Why the hell did they pay money to see him if they had no intention on paying attention to what he was doing?

good point nessa, that crowd deserved that

Dave Chappelle really does offer some quality social commentary. I saw his HBO special from a few years back, which is way funnier than anything you will ever see on his show, and he talks about all sorts of shit. He is not by any means “some dumb comic”, which a lot of people have been quick to label him as.

I think it would’ve been funny if after his rant about them being stupid, someone just stood up and said “HUWHAT?!” But then, that’s just me.

lol no it’s not just you i would have laughed also XD;;

But yeah i kinda feel sorry for him, I mean he just wanted to be treated like a normal person but society wont treat him like one :too bad: .

Although I agree with him, I hate it when celebrities angst about being celebrities.

Many of them don’t sign up to be celebrities. Many people fight the lime light and instead stick to smaller clubs and whatnot. Sometimes you enjoy making people laugh, and you decide to make it your job. That doesn’t mean you have a responsibility to be a celebrity.

Fame sucks.
It makes people forget who are.

Dave Chappelle deserves cookies!

He didn’t really seem to be angsting about being a celebrity. I read that more as he doesn’t like being known for only one bit when he’s done much better stuff. It would be like if The Beatles wrote radio jingles on the side of their dream of being rock stars and everyone only wants them to play said jingles rather than Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey.