Data Retrieval

Ok, here’s the scoop. I accidentally deleted something very important and need it back. Is there any way I can somehow data retrieve it? Or did I image it in a cocaine induced dream?

I hear that it is possible, but I’m not sure how practical it is.

Its really funny how everytime, someone says “I deleted something important and I need it back” but they never say what it is :P. From what I heard, its not possible to retrieve it. My own attempts to retrieve files were fruitless.

it is technically possible, but in practice it doesn’t succeed well enough to be worth attempting.

Guess that means I have to download new porn, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly :stuck_out_tongue:

Data Recovery is pretty pointless.

Aside from searching the file table in something other than windows (DOS/Injector Linux/MenuetOS), theres nothing you can really do.

Any data can be recovered with the right tools, however, these tools are more into the side of forensic science that Message Board Tech Help. And unless you have some amino acid laying around (i hear thats what some recovery firms use, i don’t know how…) you’re gunna have to pay someone else to do it. Try your yellow pages for “computer forensics” or “data recovery”.

And don’t bother with commercial applications. They can’t do much more than you can.

When you delete something in Windows, it’s supposed to go to the trash bin. Did you empty the trash bin already?

Not if you disable the trash bin.

Frame: I’d like to know why people disable the trash bin if we all know that it always leads to “OMG I deleted stuff that I want, back how can I get it back?”

I’ve got a program that can, I’ll upload it somewhere when I get home.

There are professional data recovery services. They can take the drive and very accurately scan the magnetic fields on it, and from that it can be possible to recover data even if it has been deleted from the file system. Bt it can be expensive. I think it is even possible to recover data that has been overwritten once. But this sort of thing is expensive, so it depends how important your data was…

There was a girl who used to go to the chatroom who did that kind of job.

It’s possible. The chances of success increase proporitional with how much money and effort you’re willing to invest.

It works on both NTFS and FAT32. As a note, it’ll only successfully restore data that haven’t been overwritten by another cluster, but it’ll still attempt to restore that data that has been partly overwritten, there’s just less of a success chance. And if possible, try to “restore by copying” to a different partition, drive, or form of media , because if you copy it to the same drive it could overwrite some other data you’re trying to retrieve.

And if you’re really getting porn, good luck, it can only restore one file at a time. It’ll take forever for you to get all your junk. :stuck_out_tongue: