Das Nibelungenlied Movie

Agh, too many movies with Ring in the title >_<. Yeah, it looks ok, can’t really judge so far though. However, Norse myths always go down a treat with me.

Hey, I hope this is still nifty later.

ooh, this looks like it’d be good…I like flicks based on mythology. :slight_smile:

Hmm … Maybe I’ll check it out. (Or possibly badger my dad into taking me and my sister to see it … and I’ll probably have to mushroom her as well.)

Ah playing Valkyrie Profile pays off. I could instantly tell this centered around Norse mythology.

I wonder if Brynhild is actually going to be a valkyrie. And Sigfried is awfully close to “Sigurd” so I wonder if this is going to include the tale of her disobedience and he saving her?

EDIT: I just looked more and that’s apparently so. And oooh Fanfirbane! I can tell I’m going to love this movie.

This is a movie that i got to see,i always liked norse mythology