Darth Vader: More than meets the eye

Star Wars meets Transformers, for great brand milking!

Brand milking and star wars in the same sentance? Surely you jest!

Sucky toys! Will they never stop!?

Indeed, why, there has never been any poorly-made, shameless cash in on the Star Wars Trilogy. Well, except the second trilogy oooh lucas need some ice for that BURN.

Those toys look like pieces of crap. But we all know that there are people out there who will actually waste their money on these things.

Lame toys. If I were a kid and got those as a gift, with me being as much of a SW fan as I am, I’d defenestrate them.

I think I saw these while looking at the newest issue of “ToyFare”. What a shitty idea for a toy. WOW LOOK DARTH VADER TURNS INTO A TIE FIGHTER!!! WHO SAW THAT COMING? fuck that. make him a death star.

Whoo, Star Wars toys. As Fawful would say, I HAVE APATHY!

Sidious: So, Darth Tyranus, how goes your plan to sew chaos and destruction?
Count Dooku: I think it would’ve been more effective if my action figure packaging hadn’t given away that I was your servant weeks before the movie came out.

Wow, they have managed to defile two major parts of my childhood/life. All in one go.
Will wonders never cease?

Look at it on the bright side: It could’ve been worse, they could’ve been making an animation.

Why, thank you, Nul. I expect I’ll have nightmares shortly.

You’re welcome. MwoHoHoHo!

Hmm ok lets try that Idea.

Nope still sucks.

… That’s the Death Star?

No. Thats Unicron from Transformers with Darth Vader’s head glued to it. Cait Sith fails.