Dark Reign 2

I’m not sure I fully comprehend this game, so discussing it may be futile. For something as old as it is, it sure made advances into modernity and, damn, it’s a great game in its own right. But again, it’s kinda hard to tell when it rocks or not when you’re blown away with a killer ass soundtrack, so you just usually assume that they put as much effort into the gameplay that they did in the music.

So, as far as gameplay is concerned, umm, pick up a copy or yourself, you cheap ass whores. It’s only what, 10 bucks bundled with TA?

What’s more, there’s lots of downloadable stuff for it, including an in-game MP3 player (not neccessary unless you have no taste whatsoever) and even a TETRIS clone you can play while you’re waiting for people to join your game.

Need I say more?

Oh, one more thing. Those of you who’ve played Army Men: RTS, it’s the same type of deal. Only, the music, while similar, wasn’t cheezified, a more mobile (although still stiff at times) camera, Power is like in CnC, and there’s two sides, not one. Oh, and it’s not Army Men. Thank GOD.

Woo! Someone else who knows about Dark Reign 2. I loved the game- its learning curve was quite easy to get used to. All the little downloadable things made it that much cooler. I need to install it on my new computer and start playing it again.

I got it with…wait, not TA:K, it was some other stuid game. Anyway, I GOT it, and noticed that it was similar to that stupid Army Men RTS game-even the music was smiliar. So that kinda turned me off at first. But just today I decided to give it another shot, cuz I liked the music so much, and I still do.

The environments are another thing. The graphics ma be odd, but when you’rein a jungle, it’s one hell of a jungle. If you’re playing in a tundra, it suddenly gets nippy in your room. If you’re playing in a city, then it really begins to shine.