Dark Knight

This movie is great. I saw it in 3D and Imax and it was actually worth the 15 dollar ticket. It was fucking incredible. I usually don’t like movie-theater movies, the movies i do like are dorky ones or documentaries, but i was enthralled from beginning to end.

I thought there’d already be a thread here about the movie since alot of people here are batman fans :[ Guess i’ll start it. The Joker was…just too good for words. Thats seriously got to be one of the best performances of all time. I don’t know the last time i actually saw a movie and was like “DAMN that guy is a good actor”. The Shining, probably.

The scene with the two boats was my favorite. The big black guy who walks up and throws the detonator overboard is my freaking hero.

I liked it so much im watching Batman Begins at the moment. It didn’t interest me at all before, but now i like, need as much batman as i can get. Heck, even the trailers were good…Watchmen, New Sin City, Mummy…after hearing people talk about Watchmen for years but never looking into it, i saw the trailer and was like “wow. that is actually really cool.”

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