Dark CLoud 2 help?

Well I traded in most of my games {Do it every 3 months or so.} and got new ones. And one I picked up was dark cloud 2. {Shadow of the colosuss, FF12, Jak and daxter 3 also :ulty: }. I LOVE this game, and as weird as it sounds I like it a little better than FF12. I’ve never played one like it before. And from now on I think I’ll be looking for more games like it.

Anyhoo, I was wondering about monster transformation. The second main hero… I can’t remember her name, can transform into monsters. The problem is they start out extremely weak. I was wondering if they get any better, or if the whole monster transfomation build/level up isn’t worth the time put out for it. She does just fine with her sword and armband, but than again there are some “monster only” extra dungeons.

Anyone have any advice on this? What should I do?

The monster transformation thing is, sadly weaker than it’s worth the trouble for. If you level one for all the way up, however, you get a whole lot of gems for your weapon synthesizing.

Anyway, the best way to level is to wait until later dungeouns where the enemies give more exp. Kill a monster, and then as it dies change into the monster for so that it and not Monica’s weapon gets the blue little exp orbs.

That tactic also works when you’re leveling weapons to bring them to level five, when you can status break them to synthesize them onto your main weapons.


Don’t bother with the monster transformation it has very little help to you through the game, except when the talking tree needs you to do it for him. But instead of leveling up the monsters get your ridepod up, when it’s at a hight level you will be amazed on what you can pull off. Apart from that it’s great that you like the game!:cool: Dark Cloud 2 is one of my personal favs.