Dark Cloud 1 HELP. Who has mastered this game?

Ok i love this game, and feel i have searched every single possible area to find every chest. The problem is all my characters water droplets arent maxed out(from gourds) and i believe that there are some fruits of eden that are missing too, because i believe not everyones HP is maxed out. Has anyone maxed this stuff out for all the characters, or is there just a mess up in the game where they didnt include enough items to level anyone up. Any help would be great because it has been driving me crazy for a long time. thank you

It’s not exactly rare not to be able to max out everyone. Makes you choose.

That said, Dark Cloud is waving from my backlist :smug:

I don’t think that’s so much to worry about, as long as you’ve focused on giving the characters you use the most the gourds and fruits foremost. In my case through both my playthroughs, that was Hero guy and Genie chick. Which is funny, because with their powers combined they become Monica from Dark Cloud 2, which was the only one I wanted to play in that one too. Swords and sorcery yeeeeeeeah!