Dark Alliance.

Can anyone help me with the second jump puzzle in the Thieves Guild on Baldurs Gate 2? It’s the one with loads of rocks, and I can’t do it…

You’re in trouble then.

Actual advice then: this is one of the bottomless pits with the floating rocks? When you step on one, all but one of the surrounding rocks will flash. Leap to the one that doesn’t. Quickly. Repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. Eventually you will make it across. Unless you are too slow. It may take some practice, but that’s all there is to it.

Thanks, now how do I beat Sess’sth the big lizard king guy?

  1. Stock up on arrows and potions.
  2. Run around like crazy.
  3. When your out of his reach, turn and hit him.

That was my strategy at least. I did it single player as the sorceress, which was nice because you slowly regain your mp (or whatever they called it. mp in a D&D game :noway:)
My brother and I beat him two player as the archer and dwarf. That’s a little easier because only the person he’s chasing has to run, while the other pounds him from behind. Unfortunately, the first time we played through, one of us would die just before we finished off the boss, on just about all of them.

The strategy you need for this game is pretty minimal, just save often and keep trying. Most of the bosses tend to have powerful close range attacks. About half have ranged attacks that are easy to dodge or do little enough damage that you only need to heal once in a while.