Dark Alliance: dragon boss

Can anyone help me with the dragon boss at the end of act two?

I’m playing it on two player with the dwarf and the elf.

What difficulty setting? The Cyraxis shouldn’t be too hard if you have a good two handed weapon, I had (and it helped me a lot) a Frost Masterwork Warhammer +3 which I bought for about 20,000. Stay up close and batter the shit out of him. All the time. If he moves, YOU move. Both you and your sister attack him physically all the time, and if you have a good Warhammer then use Clenngeddins Fist continuously. Heal when neccessary.

normal dificulty, but I don’t have Clenngeddins Fist or wirlwind just a basic bullrush, I have the best axe and sword you can get from the nearesr store but no warhammer

One handed? Or two? Warhammers own you all…
But like I daid just keep bashin’

The elf is the sorceroress, (hmm, that doesn’t look correct) My advice:

  1. bring lots of potions.
  2. have the elf attack with ranged weapons and spells.
  3. pay attention to your health so you can use your LOTS of potions before you die.
    The biggest advantage that you have in fighting the dragon is that it doesn’t use melee attacks (I don’t remember it doing so), just dodge the ice breath and rocks the dragon spits and attack where it can’t hit you easily. Use a 2-handed weapon so you can use the whirlwind attack.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
Warhammers own you all…

Except for Meteor Swarm. And the Onyx sword.

I jumped around a lot. I remember finding some trick about avoiding his breath thing, but I can’t really remember what it was. I had the archer, so I just sat in my little spot and pelted him with arrows and junk, and then went in and wacked him with my sword or something and then ran back and hit more arrows.

I really don’t remember what I did, I didn’t think it was a very difficult fight though. I added all my points into wisdom, which gave me more expierence, so I was probably a little bit more leveled than some.

I’ve played through the first act again on one player with my dwarf so i’ll have a higher level.