dark age of Camolot...

i ahve a friend who wants me to make a fic of it yet I haven’t played the game… I need details about it. Anyone who has played it can you give me some info on it? I’d really like to know because he talks to me about it and I can’t get the game. yes, it is an online game.


You really need to play a game to be able to make a fan fic of it. Especially a MMORPG. And it’ll cost a monthly fee (if you don’t have a credit card, no problem, just go to the game store and get cards there, they work like gift certificates, or, more accurately, pre-paid minutes for cell phones, so you pay for a few months in advance).

Apparently, DAoC and its expansion are good though. Also, apparently all three factions are at war so you can kill enemies and take their shit, yo.

It’s not too much… It’s your average middle age game.

King Arthur died and a war started between the kingdoms of Albion, Hibernia and Midgard. You choose a class out of the average AD&D types (Thief, Mage, Warrior…) and have a virtual freedom around the place. You can go to other kingdoms, join guilds, play single, go as a beggar, swim, etc.

You’re equipment is directly shown in your character and there are lot’s of NPCs around.

I’m not sure if there are monsters like Trolls and Ogres. I’m sorry, that’s all I know.

EDIT: More info.

There are 12 classes available (Don’t ask which, I don’t know) and there are races like Elves.

Albion is populated by Paladins, thieves and mages and has a huge army. Hibernia seems to be the most magical kingdom with Elves, Celts and magical spirits. Midgard is Viking territory which means that things can get pretty rough.

Thank you a bunch SE! I need to paste that in the memory so I don’t forget when I’m ready to write it. If you get any more info, tell me through the PM or this thread!

It’s okay, but it gets old very quickly.