Dark age of Camolot idea

I have a very speical friend who wants me to write a fic about the game. Its a PC game and we’re not sure if its an RP or not. But, I’m tossing some ideas around and I’ve never played the game befor buts hes making me a list of what I need to know. So, as soon as I’m done sending my BoF fic(s) (thats right I have another long BoF fic coming Weiila) I’ll send this fic in as soon as I start on it.

Do you guys want it here in RPGClassics or somewhere else? (another site) Or, I could just tell him no and regret not writing it.

Besides this, I do have more short stories I plan on sending back to you Weiila, the correct versions. So, just tell me what I should do. If you want me to send it to you guys or someone else.

Has anyone played this game? I haven’t so I can’t tell if it’s an RPG or not, heh. But if it isn’t, tell your friend that there are loads of other sites that accept fanfics, Chris :slight_smile: