Darius Gaiden for PC Help

I had read about issues with the compatibility of DG PC on Win XP (Was designed originally for Win 95 and 98 ). According to several reports, it has a tendacy to crash after the first level. Lo and behold, I also fall prey to that bug…If anyone owns the game and has had that problem, how did you remedy it ?

Looking foward to the answers as Stage A was awesome, although the Golden Ogre was way too easy (doesn’t stop it from being tremendously cool tho).

I’m getting the following error when it crashes : “Cannot read data file from CD-Rom.” It doesn’t make sense as the CD drive is functioning properly otherwise.

Is the CD in good shape? Did it used to work for you?

It was brand new. Just got it today. (Bought on eBay for like 10$) But… thanks to X2K, it’s fixed… All I had to do was to change the compatibitily settings in the exe file for Win 95. So no more crashing ^-^ You can close this thread… unless we use it to discuss what an awesome Shmup DG is 8D