Dancougar remake in the works

Well, I wish I could say something good about this, but instead I believe a moment of silence is in order for the official end of man men piloting super robots.

Instead of the awesomeness that is Shinobu, we get stuck with obvious Rei and Asuka clones and 2 bishonen wimps. What’s next? Shounen-ai Getter Robo?

Hm, can’t see any of them pulling YATTEYARUZE off

Worse comes to worse, I suppose there is a plus to this. Maybe it’ll get noted by the anime fandom and it’ll give CPM a reason to put the (original) series out on DVD…(assuming they’ve not lost the license yet… which AoDVD indicates they haven’t)

What’s next? Shounen-ai Getter Robo?

Not while Nagai’s still around… :slight_smile:

Well this is sad indeed,I mean why change the characters to something that is being overdone so badly like bishonen and such,the characters were fine as they were before.

Hopefully the Raideen remake will be good(I certainly hope so)

Well, RahXephon wasn’t too bad D:

In all seriosness though, has this been confirmed to actually be related to the original Yuusha Raideen series?