Dance Music

Since people seem to always be asking me or around the boards generally for dance music, I thought I’d provide a little…

As some of you may or may not know, I do some DJ gigs on the side, mainly for fun, occassionally to pull in a few bucks. Lately I’ve actually been getting some decent gigs, so I’ve decided to start recording my sets. Both for my own record and to use as demo tapes for other gig offers. So I’ve put up the part of the gig I did last Friday (including a couple mistakes I made ogm!) on an FTP server for anyone here who wants to log in and grab the set. The run time is 73:50, just enough to fit onto a 74 minute CD if you like. I DJ mainly harder stuff…techno, minimal, electro…should be plenty of music in there you’ve never heard before. The quality is not perfect, as it was recorded straight from the preamp to my laptop…but it’s at least internet radio quality. If you want, go ahead and log into the FTP server at (router was unplugged while i was working out >_<)

user: rpgc
pass: rpgc

I’ll leave it up a couple of days. The IP shouldn’t change, but if for some reason I get disconnected, I’ll update the IP addy here. After that, if you are still interested, just hit me up on AIM or ICQ or IRC or whatever. I’ll be recording future sets as well, so if you need a fix, feel free to ask if I’ve got anything new. In case you’re curious, here is the set listing…though you could just log into the FTP server to find it out…

  1. Plumb - Damaged (808 State Remix)
  2. Anthony Rother - 10000 Dancer
  3. Radioactive Man - Bug in Me System
  4. Scan 7 - Black Wall
  5. DJ T-1000 - Supernatural (Bangin’)
  6. Plastikman - Fuk
  7. Autechre - Under Boac
  8. Plaid - Small Energies
  9. Tobias Schmidt - Hot & Heavy
  10. Pacou - Last Man Standing
  11. Joey Beltram - Awaken
  12. Al Ferox - Ils N’Ont Qu’a Bien Se Tenir
  13. DJ Shufflemaster - Fourthinter (Narita Remix)
  14. Jeff Mills - The Bells
  15. Underworld - Moaner

That is all.

Hot damn, you’re not bad. What kind of a setup do you use?

I use the Denon DN-D6000 Decks with a Numark DXM-03 Digital Preamp/Mixer. I used to use just plain old SL1200s, which I bought back in high school…but I never really amassed a decent collection of vinyl. First of all, Chicago is not a great town to buy records in, surprisingly, especially for the kind of music I spin. Compared to this record shop I stopped in when I was in Cologne, Germany (amazing collection of techno), nothing here even comes close to comparing. That and I never had the motivation to go digging for records. So I finally just sold them when I got back from Paris and decided to go CD, and so far I’ve been very happy with it.

Here’s a few pics of the setup. For some reason, I only have a pic of all the crap thrown together in my extremely small room and not in action…but whatever.

<img src=“”>

<img src=“”>

And then me <s>pretending</s> being a badass:

<img src=“”>

ninja edit: I just noted an amusing item on the left side of the first picture. teeheehee. can you spot it?

Thanks for sharing these!

While i’m not the biggest fan of electronic music, it’s always good to see someone being involved in it… whether it’s making it, performing it, or uhh DJing it? I don’t know the proper term.

Badasses hold their hips… Yep

Uh…that’s my thigh.

That’s your hip

Who the fuck cares? And zep, that is awesome man. :cool:

Would the amusing item be the lotion, Zepp?

Also, nice Pennyfarthing on the bottom picture. Very The Prisoner-esque.


no way, it has to be the envelopes. we all know that zeppelin is involved in an underground mail order pornography ring, and what else is he going to mail the profits in?

It’s not exactly lotion :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it some kind of jelly?

But did I get the item’s location correct?! I do not care if it’s actually Clearasil or anal lubricant!

Dammit, I wasted too much time looking for whatever it was.

Yes you did.

Is the lube the thing behind the staple remover?

Handloation and KY Jelly? Can’t get enough?

To say Chicago isn’t a good city to DJ because its not Cologne would be like saying San Francisco is not a good city for Japanese food because its not Tokyo. Truth be told, Chicago (birthplace of House) is one of the better cities for DJs in the country. Maybe not as good as NYC or LA or Seattle, but was better than Albuquerque, Phoenix, Houston, or Las Vegas…four cities where records are easilly available.

ADD: Just googling record store and Chicago, I found 100s of hits.